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3:24 PM

Happy Halloween !!

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A Classic
Charles Schultz

Hold on to your Dreams !!!

They will come true in the end

Have tons of Fun this Evening !!

xOxO Nerina
10:40 PM

It's October....think Pink !!

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The PINK that we love so much

has special meaning this Month

cupcake wrappers by Serendipity

October means Breast Cancer Awareness

As women we have an obligation to ourselves

to take care of our bodies

especially our Boobies

Please get a Mammogram


do Self-Breast Examinations

Early Detection, Prevention and Cure

Detect it, Treat it, Beat it

We want all of you
to be around for a long long time

and help spread Awareness

Don't forget to wear PINK this month

Happy Pink Saturday my Lovlies

xOxO Nerina


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