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Have you found your Bliss...

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I have

and you 

can read all about it here

In October of last year, 

I attended a bloggers conference 

here in Canada called BlissdomCanada  

I participated in some workshops

and one of the panels I attended

included the editor-in-chief

 of Canadian Family Magazine

Jennifer Reynolds

Close to the end of the session

she threw out an impromptu challenge:

in 700 words or less, describe

'Finding your Bliss'

The winner would be featured in the March Issue

of Canadian Family Magazine

Needless to say, I did not win...boohoo

I did, however receive an email from Jen on Thursday

 that they would like 

to feature a couple of the writers 

for an online readers poll 

The person with the most votes

would receive the honour 

of "Reader Choice" WOWZA

So....too late to make a long story short

I would appreciate your support

 please pop on over to

and vote for me - Nerina Field....please....

Thank you all so much

you know you mean the world to me


Happy Weekend

Peace, Love and Hugs

~ Nerina ~

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It's a New Year...

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Happy New Year !!!


2012 is upon us

I hope you all enjoyed a most 

Magical Holiday Season

celebrating all that brings

Joy, Peace and Love

to those around you.


As most of us do

we take this time to 

make resolutions

that few of us keep 
(kudos to those that follow through)

This year I have decided to 

be healthier and take care of this tired old body

I will be turning 50 this year, so, anything I can

do to prolong ease of movement, ward of illness

and continue to be joyful

is a good thing

I found this fabulous site

called ROBOTVegan full of

Holiday Detox and just generally

fabulous information to fix up

tired old bodies like mine

Check it out


Now...get off that couch and move a bit

stretch, dance around, lift some cans

you'll be glad you did

when your back

does not ache 

and you can easily pick the kiddies up

or pack the groceries away or complete

that DIY project without issue, 

never mind workout

at the gym with minimal aftershock


Anyway....love you guys tons

Thank you so much for being a part of my life

and sharing all the love that you do!!


I hope you have a Spectacular 2012

filled with Love, Laughter, Prosperity 

and of course boundless Creativity!!

What would you attempt to do
if you knew you could not fail?

{{Big Hugs}}


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