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5:30 PM

Sprinkling the Holidays !!

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A few Christmas goodies

sprinkled around my home

Have a great week!!

xOxO Nerina

10:40 PM

Thanksgiving Wishes !!

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I would like

to wish all of

my Wonderful

Blogging Friends

who celebrate Thanksgiving

the most Bountiful of Blessings

Tell me what you are thankful for !

Big Hugs and Enjoy your Day !

xOxO Nerina

11:25 PM

Inspired by Holiday Pink !!

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Gotta start decorating today

Found some pretty ideas

from Country Living

Take a peek at How Sweet the Sound
for our hostess of
this Pretty Pink Party
and don't forget
to say Hi to Beverly for me!!

Happy Weekend
xOxO Nerina
7:51 PM

Peppermint Love :)

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Here come the
and all of the scrumptious
treats that go with it

Dip some
Candy Cane pieces
White Chocolate
Roll them
~ OMG ~

White Chocolate Fudge
infused with
crushed Candy Canes
...is your mouth watering yet

Chocolate Brownies
 topped with
White Chocolate
Candy Canes

of course
wash it down with
White Chocolate Mocha

there are reasons
love the chilly weather


What's your Favorite
Chill Buster

Big Hugs
xOxO Nerina

6:00 PM

Hi there .......

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Enjoy your week :)
xOxO Nerina
10:39 PM

It's Pink Saturday....yippee !!

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As the weather cools down

and night fall arrives earlier

I can't help but turn my thoughts

to pulling out the knitting needles

and crochet hooks

and creating

a little bit of cozy

Etsy LOVE - Mucar from Europe

If only my eyes would let me see

this detail without glasses (ahhh old age)


Can't dream about knitting

without these yummy needles

This pretty scarf created by

and so i whisper took my breath away

Please visit her

your breath will be stolen as well...I promise


Take a peak

at Beverly from 'How Sweet the Sound'

today I know you will find

some Pinks that will put a

big smile on your face

regardless of the weather


Have some fun this weekend !!

xOxO Nerina

6:48 PM

Remember !!

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Remembrance Day commemorates

the sacrifices that Canadians

made in armed conflicts

including World Wars I and II

The use of the poppy

as a symbol of remembrance

comes from a poem written by John McCrae

a Canadian doctor serving in the military

The poem is called

In Flanders Fields

and describes the poppies

growing in the Flemish graveyards

where soldiers were buried

Where were you at 11:00am today?

We observed two minutes of silence

at my workplace

Lest We Forget

Big Hugs xOxO Nerina
2:51 PM

Fall Back...then what ??

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So we were able to sleep

in an hour longer today

This due to the Daylight Savings Time
that occurs twice a year

in our corner of the country

That means we get to put

our clocks back

one hour

to take advantage of the Vitamin D

in the atmosphere during the day

and hopefully keep us happier

during the long days of Winter


So.....when I finally I woke up

there were leaves that needed raking

Morning Glory Seed Pods

that needed squeezing

to release all of those fabulous seeds

for planting next year

It is pretty chilly.....so

what could be better when you come inside

then a Hot Chocolate

with a Candy Cane stir stick

Mmmm Minty


warms me from the inside out


However you spent your day

I hope you

enjoy the rest of the Weekend!!


Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

10:49 PM

Pretty in Pink....

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I know..I know.. you were expecting to see
something more along the lines of
Molly Ringwald or Jon Cryer
But...who can resist a Pink Door....

Oh and a lovely ballerina

is our
lovely hostess for
this Pink Saturday Eye Candy Treat

Please visit Beverly
to see
much more
pretty pinkness

xOxO Nerina

9:22 PM

Pretty !!!!

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Can't Get Enough

How to make any outfit pretty
crafted by Cookie Letta

Pottery Barn has this gorgeous
Pointsetta Burlap Pillow in stock now
...that's right...run...don't walk

As we move into the Season of Giving

Pottery Barn reminds us to 'Give Peace'

Silver Mercury Glass Ornaments

say no more

What could be more beautiful

Coming and Going


Happy Day Friends

xOxO Nerina


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