Fall Back...then what ??

So we were able to sleep

in an hour longer today

This due to the Daylight Savings Time
that occurs twice a year

in our corner of the country

That means we get to put

our clocks back

one hour

to take advantage of the Vitamin D

in the atmosphere during the day

and hopefully keep us happier

during the long days of Winter


So.....when I finally I woke up

there were leaves that needed raking

Morning Glory Seed Pods

that needed squeezing

to release all of those fabulous seeds

for planting next year

It is pretty chilly.....so

what could be better when you come inside

then a Hot Chocolate

with a Candy Cane stir stick

Mmmm Minty


warms me from the inside out


However you spent your day

I hope you

enjoy the rest of the Weekend!!


Big Hugs xOxO Nerina


  1. I'm coming over to your house, Merina ... that hot chocolate looks so yummy ...

    Hadn't seen m. glory seeds like this. I should get some ...

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I guess it's time for our internal clocks to catch up with the external clocks!! I'm with Marydon, that hot chocolate looks yummy!


  3. What, sleep in an extra hour, LOL, not at our house with Sophie, LOL, I hope her internal clock gets readjusted QUICK!!!

    With the day I've had so far, I think I'd like to add some peppermint schnapps to my hot chocolate please **wink**

    Love and hugs,

  4. I want the hot chocolate...sounds yummy and warm but I am not raking another leaf...I do mine and those from across the street

  5. Now, that looks like the perfect day! I spent mine trying to stop myself from becoming airborn. We have had high winds, gale force that continue to blow as I type. All day. But we have some cooler temps this weekend which has been fun!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Beautiful post! I am in Arizona and we don't change time...we change time ZONES! lol! We are PST during the summer and MST during the winter! Its weird to never change time like everyone else :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Hello there Beautiful Lady! I haven't had much time for blog hopping lately but wanted to steal a few moments to stop by and say hi! I think of you often and miss you much. Your posts have always left me with a feeling of "ahhhh"! Hope you have a most wonderful week! Hugs and more hugs! -L

  8. Love the pics of
    the pods and the
    yummy hot cocoa!
    Beautiful : ) and
    it almost makes
    me want to rake
    a big pile of leaves,
    just to earn the
    treat when I come
    back in!
    xx Suzanne

  9. It's always an adjustment when they change the time on us! I miss the light in the evenings, but it wasn't getting light out in the mornings until nearly 8:30 a.m.~ so I guess it was time for the change. Loved the pink doors in the previous post, oh to come home to a pink door every day!

  10. Vitamin D from the sunlight exposure. This is the first positive, logical reason I have ever heard to explain Daylight Savings Time.
    Nerina Rules.
    And that Hot Chocolate mint thingy is on my to-do-list.


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