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Such a simple word


 elusive for so many

why do we look to others to bring us JOY

I have found that the only way

to find true JOY

is to look within

For many years I looked to those around me

to bring me happiness

to make me smile

I blamed my failings on others

I complained that others treated me a certain way

I thought others should treat me better

I felt put upon


I have come to realize that they are not

the saviour I was hoping for

I have begun to speak to myself the way

that I speak to others

God only knows if I spoke to others the way

I speak to myself

I would be a very lonely soul

Begin each day with one word of love 

for yourself

tell yourself you are beautiful

tell yourself you are wise

tell yourself you are worthy

tell yourself you are funny

tell yourself you can dance

look in the mirror and smile

that's right

smile because you like what you see

soon enough you will believe it

and you know what

others will too

when you send out JOY

it comes back to you two fold

Be kind to yourself


you will find your JOY


Peace Love and Hugs
my Friends


4:08 PM


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The answering machine is constantly blinking lately

Messages of Goodwill, Friendship and Prayers

You see, my husband is going through some things
 right now and his many many many friends and family
 are leaving small 
snippets of love

He has endured receiving a life altering Heart Transplant many years ago, many seemingly small events since 
but now, the ultimate 
the big C 
has crossed his path to test his faith

We are not a God following family 
although as a boy he attended many a church sermon 
and played the role of altar boy

His broken body is wracked with constant pain 
from this devil inside and it has almost broken him  
The treatments are a bitch
 and he is enduring humiliation
 that I believe he would never or could never 
have contemplated in his short life

The many hospitals and their wonderful staff 
that are involved in his care have taken a toll
 and he just wants to zap the shit out of this invasive intrusion and get on with his life

Through the support of our families 
and the multitude of friends 
that we have acquired over the years 
we will beat this demon, you can bet your ass

Thank you for being there 
words cannot express our gratitude


Peace Love and Huge Hugs




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