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3 quick motivations to get this body ready for Spring...

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So…..February is almost coming to a close

My resolutions to make exercise 
a part of my daily life have long fallen by the wayside
we can still remain partially hidden
 behind layers of clothes… for a while anyway 

Soon….and I mean pretty soon, 
the temperatures will rise 
and we will have to shed those layers and expose it all

Are you comfortable with that, if so….YAY for you, 
I know, speaking for myself, 
I am not comfortable with that  

The idea of stripping off layers and exposing myself, 
scares the bejeezus out of me

What’s a girl to do….
I’ve put together this little motivational list for myself, 
to help me kick-start my habit of eating better (cleaner) 
and being more active, possibly even physically fit (gasp)
1.         Stop thinking about it and just take that first step, get off the sofa, dance during the commercials, run up and down those stairs, park a little farther from the door, carry those bags instead of put them into the cart….

blah, blah, blah…I think you get the picture…MOVE!
2.         Stop drinking carbonated beverages, pop,
 soda, prosecco, champagne. 
Don’t drink fruit juices…eat the real thing, 
biting into a fruit has far fewer calories and less sugar 
because it takes much longer to eat 
and longer to digest, so we feel full longer.
Drink Water !!!!!
3.       Make an appointment with yourself, whether it is 15, 30 or 60 minutes, do only what you plan and concentrate on just that for the prescribed time ie, read, walk, meditate, laugh with friends…do something that brings you joy.  

Perhaps, start small and gradually work the time to be a bit longer.  Designate this time to take care of you, so you can better take care of others or just have more energy to do the things you love.
This is a great start….doable, baby steps, we don’t want to be overwhelmed or as you know… we will so not do this 
One more thing, ditch the fat clothesanything that is super big or makes you too comfy where you don’t sit up properly, 

where you can eat a ton and still feel like there is more room because your clothes still have room….ditch that stuff…
even just for now
Oops…2nd more thing….Posture, hold your abdominal muscles contracted (engaged) always, you will be amazed, how after awhile, they actually stay in, without you holding them there…I swear!
Tell me your plans to get healthy 
I’d love to hear them, I might even borrow a couple or 3!
More motivations to come (I need all the help I can get)


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Happy Weekend

Peace, Love & Hugs


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Happy Valentine's Day

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 So Simple

So Sweet

Tell me what you doing to show
 those around you that you
that could not live 
without them!!

Enjoy the rest of this
 lovely day, Valentine!!

Peace, Love and Big Hugs


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Welcome to Wordless Wednesday...

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Everybody close your eyes and wish!!!

Peace, Love & Hugs



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