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1:18 AM

If you dream it....

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1:15 PM

Art and Snow

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I just came in
from shoveling snow

This was our greeting
 this morning

It is January after all


My sons first High School Art Show

Grade 9 Displays


Running Shoe in Pencil
His first project

 Wolf Portrait in Pencil

 Grade 9 Pastel


Gazing Bear  


 3D Art


The weather
is not slowing down
 these brave
early morning runners


Get Off the Couch


Enjoy your Day

Big Hugs
xOxO Nerina

8:15 PM

Get off the Comfy Couch

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That means you

Just joking with Ya

Stay on the Couch if you like



It really means me


 This is the magazine I bought today

This is the magazine I bought yesterday

This is the sweat
that will have to be produced

 as well as the weights
that will need to be lifted

not to mention
the countless squats and lunges

to tighten and tone


Holiday Goodness


body back into

fighting shape



Who is going to help

me off the couch


Peace, Love and Lunges
xOxO Nerina


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