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Five Minute Friday...

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Happy New Year Everyone,

I stumbled across this fabulous new blog written by a wonderful women, she has this amazing little tool that she created to help you along with your writing, we all stumble into a block every now and then, this prompt is fabulous.  It is a link party where she throws you a prompt and you write freestyle for 5 minutes, no editing, no grammar, just write, so, I did.  It was a bit challenging for me as a first timer, but, it happens one minute after midnight every Friday, so I will have many opportunities to get better....you can join in as well.  Her name is Lisa-Jo Baker and she is full of inspiration, the party is Five Minute Friday.....check it out!!




So, this is the first opportunity of the new year that I have had the chance to sit and write.  2013 is upon us and we have 365 new empty clear clean unwritten page to write a new book, chapter, life, whatever we feel will bring us joy.  I know that I have been on this joy kick for a while now and you know what, I just don’t think that we can have too much joy, so what the heck, bring it on…all the joy that we can handle.  

Since this is the beginning of a new clean slate for so many, I think that the opportunity we have in front of us is enormous.  You can be anything, do anything, want anything, give anything and receive anything. The world is your oyster right now more than at any other time of the year.  I for one am grateful for this opportunity to start fresh, and build on the ideas that are bursting from my brain.  I just have to jump on these ideas and create new opportunities as they are put forth for me. 

Do you feel that you can do anything right now, do you feel empowered to just do it, I mean, how will we know if anything is possible, if we don’t even try.  I think that this is my go ahead from whoever gives the go ahead, to just bring all of those ideas to fruition.  Gotta do it….

What are you going to do to bring all of those ideas that are bursting within you out into the open for all to see and for you to enjoy….I mean really, what have you got to lose, do it and we can compare notes later…


Happy Friday Friends

Peace Love and Hugs
Nerina xOxO


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