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10:25 PM

Pink Ranunculus

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 Welcome Friends

Please visit
to join this pretty
Pink Party


These have got to be hands down

my favorite flower


The beauty of a Rose

with the Fragrance

and feel of Love

A Cascading Bunch of Pink Love

Gorgeous Black Centre

I am Dreaming

of a whole Field of these

Be still my Heart

As soon as the ground thaws

These babies are goin in


come summer

I'll have some

lovely blooms

for cutting

{Fingers Crossed}

How are you spending

your first day

of this


New Year


Big Hugs
xOxO Nerina

12:35 AM

New Year Wishes

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Hello Sweet Friends

Reflecting on the past year

It was a challenging one for us

Thank you for visiting

I Love that




that you have shared with me

The Warm



is always flowing






warms my Heart

I am

to have you

in my life


I want to wish you


Best of the Season














Much Love
xOxO Nerina

11:11 PM

Christmas in the Rouge

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First things First
 We unwrapped the presents
under our tree
then made ourselves


headed over to

my Brother & Sister-in-Laws

to celebrate

with the Family

in the Rouge Valley

This year we were

only 15 out of the usual 35

It was quiet

But still a ton of fun

Adorable Silver Tree Placecards

 The Pretty Table

 My Brother and HB

 My Neice

Our Hosts

 Omi, my Mom, my Daughter, my Sister


 My Mom and my Daughter

 Mother & Daughter

 My Neice and my Daughter

 Gettin down to shake off some of that Turkey

 Boys playing Darts

Moi trying out my neices bed....comfy

Boys playing Chess

This is the look that says
Let's go...it's been a long day


Share with me your Favorite
Christmas 2010 Moments

Peace Love & Big Hugs
xOxO Nerina

2:51 PM

It's finally here....Yippee!!!

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I would say

the most anticipated

day of the year

 Just finished the wrapping

The stockings are filled

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to All

Be kind to one another!!


Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

11:55 PM

The countdown is almost over....

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Just thought I would

Share a little Gift Wrapping


Nobody does Christmas like

Martha Stewart

Love her or Leave her

this girl


how to wrap a package

Glitzy Monograms


Festive Linens for those hard to wrap shapes

Green and Brown ~ lemon grass and crepe paper

Remember cutting Snowfakes in school

Pretty Silver Trees and Foliage

Crepe Paper wrapped Amaryllis

Red and Aqua ~ Oh My Goodness

Lovely Candy Cones

Children's Artwork

Folded Tissue acts like ribbon and wrap

Cloth, Towels, Rice bag

Cupcake Wrapper Rosettes

Cookies to eat plus a beautiful vessel

Banana leaves, cinnamon, birch bark

Pick a color...any color

Craft Paper and Nature

Cut up old cards to personalize

Fold and Roll Ribbon to Embellish


I'm sure you will find
an idea
 to use for your own lovely gifts
 wrapped with care
 for the ones you love

Enjoy Yourself
The big guy in the red suit
will be here
before you blink

Happy Day
xOxO Nerina

6:57 PM


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Just thought I'd drop you a quick note




Wondering what you have all been up to

How is your Decorating coming along

Have you finished all of your Holiday Shopping

Did you venture outside and play in the snow

Have you been to the beach and played in the water

Have you wrapped all of your presents
...have you at least made a dent

Holiday Baking ???


What is on YOUR wish list
That's right YOU
not your kids or your spouse
or anyone else in the family or friends


It doesn't have to be perfect
Enjoy the Season

Peace and Love People
xOxO Nerina

9:49 AM

A visitor from Australia

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So as I sit here
 in front of my computer
 gobble down
breakfast of champions

this is not ordinary popcorn people
this is Smartfood...really
covered in powdered cheese flavor
it's good
and good for you

let's move on

Last night my SIL invited
the fam over to say goodbye
 to our cousins daughter
 who is visiting from Australia
Cass and her girlfriend
are doing a whirlwind tour
of the US and Canada
during their summer break
from University

You know
Los Angeles
 New York
(that is all I can remember)
 then back home
 to the balmy summer
climes of Australia

Cass is the one back row second from the left
Nephew, Cass, Nephew, Mother, Sister, Moi, BIL
SIL (hostess), Niece, Brother (Host), Brother
This is a small sampling of my family
It was Wednesday after all
and most could not make it

Some of you may remember
my brother
from last years Christmas photos
He is still a cut up

This past summer
he won some Ballroom medals
He is quite the Hoofer

Father and Son
in a heated battle
Can you feel the intensity

It was great to see Cass
we had tons of fun
lots of laughs as per usual
when we all get together

Her parents were here last summer
Maybe the next time
 we meet it will be
in the land of OZ

Happy Thursday Friends
Peace Love and Big Hugs
xOxO Nerina


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