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HEMP Seeds for the win...

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So, have you heard the buzz about HEMP Seeds lately…

I guess I am slow to jump on the bandwagon, but, boy, did I have an awakening when I did.  The powerful protein kick, in just a handful of these nutty little seeds will put you over the edge.

With the recent WHO report on the carcinogenicity of processed red meat ie: bacon (oh no), hot dogs (frankfurters), ham, sausages, corned beef, and biltong or beef jerky as well as canned meat and meat-based preparations and sauce is unnerving to say the least. 
We all know deep down and have suspected this for ever, but the fact that it is now a published report, well, makes it all a little too real. 

We have grown-up believing that the main source for this vital nutrient was red meat, well. times have changed boys and girls.

Proteins are large molecules consisting of amino acids that are essential to growing bodies and minds. Protein builds, maintains and replaces the tissues in your body to keep everything functioning smoothly.  Our body structures, functions, the regulations of the body’s cell, tissues and organs cannot exist without proteins. 

After the initial shock has worn off from the WHO report, look no further in your search for alternatives to expensive cuts of red meat for your protein intake…

Hello Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods!!! 

a little nutty goodness to a colourful lunch

This Canadian based company is the world’s largest hemp food manufacturer to grow, make and sell their own brand of hemp food products.  Manitoba Harvest educates on the health and environmental benefits of hemp and strives to support sustainability in all that they do.  Award-winning products include Hemp Hearts (raw shelled hemp seeds) and HEMP PRO 70 ® (hemp protein concentrate).

Sprinkle this lovely seed onto anything your heart desires or just pour a little into the palm of your hand and throw it back.  A mid-day pick me up or a full on meal flavour enhancer, you be the judge and designer of your protein limit.

add a little protein kick to vegan  pasta sauce

I reviewed this protein gem for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and FitApproach, but I am thrilled to have finally discovered this versatile seed. 

It is now a complete non-gmo staple that I use liberally everyday to enhance my health and wellness journey!!

Would you like to sprinkle a little protein love yourself, leave me a comment to WIN your very own bag by November 30, 2015

Have a fabulous day everyone!

Peace Love and Hugs


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Women Build 2015

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I spent September 11th on a build site for Habitat for Humanity through my company's Give Back initiative. 
A group of 50 of our employees spent the day at the 960 Brimley Road site assisting this fabulous organization to fight against substandard housing.

This coming Saturday, September 19th, I am participating in the Women Build 2015 at the same location.
I would appreciate any and all donations towards this wonderful cause at the link below. All of the donated funds are used directly for the building project and your impact is felt immediately.


Safe and stable housing is essential to the healthy growth and development of children. ‪#‎HabitatforHumanity‬ ‪#‎adoptaday‬

Let's all pitch in to provide a brighter future for the kids!!
Thank you so much, enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!

Peace Love

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Autumn Colour Inspiration

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September marks the close to a lovely Summer season

This Summer has been glorious and this labour day weekend was no exception.  The temperature has been in the low 30s and it is hard to think of the coming weeks requiring wooly additions to your wardrobe. 

I love Summer and all that goes with it, but my favorite season
by far is Fall.  

The feel of cozy socks, boots, warmer colours and comfy sweaters 
cannot be beat.

I have been scouring the internet to find inspiration to bring my mindset in line with the coming season.

The Pantone colour of the year is Marsala, a pleasing oxblood/burgundy mix and you don`t have to look far to 
find it everywhere.

Elegant with grey

Pops with white

Fun accessories 

and great home decor

This joyful shade has me looking forward to Autumn 
like never before.

What are you looking forward to this Season?


Peace Love and Hugs Friends



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