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Heavenly Kale Chips

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I have been hearing about these

little bites of heaven for a while now

Many times I've walked past these greens

in various grocery stores

and I've thought, like most of you

what's the big deal

what's with all the hype

they must be terrible

how can you make something

supposedly so good for you

taste so wonderful

Well, let me tell you

these little bites of

fluffy melt in your mouth heaven

are just as advertised

and then some

Not to mention ridiculously easy to prepare


1 Bunch of Kale
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pepper and 3 mixed Sea Salts 

Remove spine and cut into bite size pieces

Drizzle or Mist Oil  

then Sprinkle Salts and Pepper

 Toss until fully coated

Spread single layer on cookie sheet

Bake for 10 - 15 min at 350F degrees




Kale is loaded with Iron, more Iron than Beef, no really
This tasty green is a great detoxifier because of the fibre
and so, keeps your liver healthy

Kale is very high in Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin K,
 and also rich in Calcium. Kale contains Sulforaphane
 (more so when chopped or minced), 
a chemical with potent anti-cancer properties. 
Kale is also a source of Indole-3-Cabinol
a chemical which boosts DNA repair in cells 
and appears to block the growth of cancer cells.

Low in Calories (Yay
High in Fibre (Yay
Zero Fat (Yay)
 Nuff Said
Oh and TASTY too!!
Can't wait to hear what you think!!
Peace Love and Hugs

11:59 PM

5 Earth Day Tweeks we all must do

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I know that we should not have a special day 

for this

but I guess

 one day to raise awareness

is a start




Plant a tree

Make a pillow and stuff it with plastic bags
to use in your outdoor space

Eat less beef to lower carbon fuels
not to mention you will live longer as your
body will not have work 
so hard to digest this protein

Shop local to cut down on gas emissions
as well as allow the farmers in your
neighbourhood to feed their loved ones

Take public transportation or carpool once a week

This is a small sampling of little tweeks that you
can do to make a solid impact
so that the planet will be around
for the next generation
to love and flourish in


What are you doing to save
the Planet today?
Peace Love and Hugs
my Friends


9:42 PM

Happy Happy Pink Saturday...

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This is a Very Special Pink Saturday


My heart breaks for the sadness 

and unexpected events

that occurred this week, with the bombing 

at the Boston Marathon, the unfortunate

explosion in West, Texas

 and the shooting at MIT,

the resultant loss of lives 

and the families whose lives

are forever changed.


We have some closure now, 

but the journey 

is only the beginning for some.

My thoughts and prayers 
go out to all those affected.


I would love to now share some pretties

to bring a bit of much needed JOY to you


Make sure to do something
 that will make you smile


Be Kind to Each Other Friends

Please visit Beverly at 
How Sweet the Sound for more
Inspirational Pinks
Peace Love and Hugs



11:25 PM

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone...

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There is nothing that brings me

 more joy




 PINK Flowers

These are a few of the lovely blooms that

I hope to see in my garden again

as soon as 

Mother Nature gets her memory back

and realizes that it is Spring

Please enjoy some of my blooms from last year

 For now
I will just have to be content
with these lovelies from the store

Have some fun this weekend 

Don't forget to visit the gracious

for a fun Pink Party


Peace Love and Hugs


6:37 PM

April Showers...fogetaboutit...

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Last year at this time, gone were the boots, scarves, warm coats and even the umbrella

This year, is a different story

Today the rain in falling and the dampness is felt through to your bones.  Tomorrow they are forecasting a winter snow and ice warning....what the heck....


Enough of that

I am thinking....Spring

pastel colours

pretty shoes

floaty fabric

 fun accessories

floral patterns

 grey maxi's

lighter eating 


the scent of
Spring in the Air


What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?


Peace Love and Hugs


9:46 PM

Spring Cleaning...your soul that is...

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I often think about the influences that others have on my mental well being.  I have seen a lot in the media lately about the company that you keep, and the effect that it has on your own demeanor.  

When you surround yourself with happy people, who are always kind, generous with those around them, people who would love nothing better than to see you smile,  how do you feel when you leave situations involving them, great, right.  You feel more positive, like you could take on the world and anything is possible.  

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.  When you are bombarded with negative comments, dismal thoughts and undesirable behaviour, I don't know about you, but, I feel angry, as though the world is against me, and I certainly don't feel as though I can conquer the world, there is a black cloud that covers everything I touch, see and feel.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know we cannot be happy all of the time.  Life is a tough journey and we all have our moments, but wouldn’t those rough times be more tolerable, with a more positive outlook, a cheerleader in your court to help you weather these times with a bit of humour and sometimes a kick in the buttski.

Well, I am going to attempt to smile more, to try and brighten the lives of those around me, to be a bit less b*tc*y (what, we all are) and help others to see their potential, so that they can also spread their happy for those around them.

Plato is quoted as saying "Be kind, for everyone 
you meet is fighting a hard battle." 

James M. Barrie - the author of "Peter Pan" said
 "Be kinder than necessary."

Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: 
"Always to try to be a little kinder than is necessary"  
James M. Barrie

Come on….let’s do this. 
Let’s start a happiness revolution, 
every little bit helps. 

We can banish that black cloud once and for all.

It's so important to make someone happy
Start with Yourself!!


Peace Love





11:47 PM

Spring Cleaning, my diet that is….

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With only 12 weeks until Summer arrives, I thought I would take a closer look at my eating habits.  Time to firm up and shrink this body to a new level of Health.   

Contrary to popular belief, statistics and those in the know have said that the ratio for ultimate health is the 80/20 rule.  Nutrition being 80% and Exercise is the other 20% of the equation.  I, for some reason have always believed that exercise was more important, although a major factor, obviously, Nutrition by far outweighs all else.  If what you put into your body is crap, than your body will be crap....hmmm...makes sense.

So, with that in mind, about 3 weeks ago, I kept a food journal for a week, harder than it seems, every morsel, every sip, all of it must be recorded to receive an accurate view of your eating habits.  Actually, I think because I was doing this, I might have eaten a bit better, but, whatever.

Next, drop the sugar, for some this may not be a grand gesture, for me, huge.  I drink about 4 coffees a day, all with 3 sugars and consume chocolate bars, candy etc.  It was a bit tough at first, but, you get used to the unsweetened flavourThen I just substituted the garbage snacks for more healthful ones.  Mind you, I had to pack those ahead of time. I bought the little half zip-locks and filled them with cucumbers, carrots, cheerios, pretzels, nuts, peppers, cut up fruit and so on.  Preparation is key, always having something handy when the desire to munch crept in. 

Oh, and tons of lemon water, the lemon becomes a habit and plain water, begins to taste, well, plain. They say to drink it at room temperature so that your body has to work a bit and burn calories to get it to the correct temperature for proper digestion.

I found that your body will take a bit of a beating with the adjustment to all of this much cleaner eating, well, it did for me, as I was a junk food junkie and I think my body was in a bit of a state of shock.

Now, it is time to clean up my meals and do a bit of exercise.  I’m going to give Tabata a try (20 seconds one exercise full out rest 10 seconds, 20 seconds another exercise full out rest 10 seconds ~ 8 times) and some resistance training to start.  These are my challenges for the coming weeks.  I will begin playing ball in about 8 weeks, so will have to get this lethargic body back in fighting shape, like yesterday!



Have you done anything recently 
to Spring Clean your diet?

Peace Love and Hugs



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