Spring Cleaning, my diet that is….

With only 12 weeks until Summer arrives, I thought I would take a closer look at my eating habits.  Time to firm up and shrink this body to a new level of Health.   

Contrary to popular belief, statistics and those in the know have said that the ratio for ultimate health is the 80/20 rule.  Nutrition being 80% and Exercise is the other 20% of the equation.  I, for some reason have always believed that exercise was more important, although a major factor, obviously, Nutrition by far outweighs all else.  If what you put into your body is crap, than your body will be crap....hmmm...makes sense.

So, with that in mind, about 3 weeks ago, I kept a food journal for a week, harder than it seems, every morsel, every sip, all of it must be recorded to receive an accurate view of your eating habits.  Actually, I think because I was doing this, I might have eaten a bit better, but, whatever.

Next, drop the sugar, for some this may not be a grand gesture, for me, huge.  I drink about 4 coffees a day, all with 3 sugars and consume chocolate bars, candy etc.  It was a bit tough at first, but, you get used to the unsweetened flavourThen I just substituted the garbage snacks for more healthful ones.  Mind you, I had to pack those ahead of time. I bought the little half zip-locks and filled them with cucumbers, carrots, cheerios, pretzels, nuts, peppers, cut up fruit and so on.  Preparation is key, always having something handy when the desire to munch crept in. 

Oh, and tons of lemon water, the lemon becomes a habit and plain water, begins to taste, well, plain. They say to drink it at room temperature so that your body has to work a bit and burn calories to get it to the correct temperature for proper digestion.

I found that your body will take a bit of a beating with the adjustment to all of this much cleaner eating, well, it did for me, as I was a junk food junkie and I think my body was in a bit of a state of shock.

Now, it is time to clean up my meals and do a bit of exercise.  I’m going to give Tabata a try (20 seconds one exercise full out rest 10 seconds, 20 seconds another exercise full out rest 10 seconds ~ 8 times) and some resistance training to start.  These are my challenges for the coming weeks.  I will begin playing ball in about 8 weeks, so will have to get this lethargic body back in fighting shape, like yesterday!



Have you done anything recently 
to Spring Clean your diet?

Peace Love and Hugs



  1. Hi beautiful lady! I am SO with you on this one. In fact, I have been prepping a post on this exact subject for next week. Could we say "great minds think alike"? LOL! Sending you all the encouragement I can by way of the cyber world! HugsNLuv!!! -Lisa


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