Spring Aqua Love

The sun is shining, there is still a chill in the air,


I am just giddy with 

the Aqua images flooding the interwebs

A few lovelies to help you smile today


 I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!!

Peace Love and Hugs




  1. Hi Nerina!
    I've been out of touch from Blogland for a while. How nice to come here for a visit and get caught up. Yes indeed, Aqua is where it's at! I love it too and after a recent move have been decorating my living room in all shades of aqua!
    Take care,

  2. Oh Holly,
    So lovely to see your name pop into my e-mail. I have also been away from blogland, this is my attempt to creep back in! Great that you have a new home, tons of fun to be decorating, and from what I know of you, it will be spectacular and filled to the brim with Aqua.
    Happy Spring Sweetie!!
    Big Warm Hugs!!

  3. The only thought that comes to mind when viewing these pics is...GORGEOUS! Love this color! It has been such a long time since I visited your site. Hate that as you ALWAYS share things that make my heart smile. :-) Hope you are doing well! HugsNLuv - Lisa

  4. Lovely images!

    Big, long over due, Hug,

  5. Oh em gee you guys,

    These comments are like making me just sigh, it has made me miss all of you so much!
    Strange how this blog world brought all of us together over the years and then we drifted and now...here we are...

    Big Big Hugs everyone...Be well all...Spring is here....More Hugs xOxO


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