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4:45 PM

A Night Swim...

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Last night we attended

 a barbecue/pool party with some long time friends

The temperature here is about 38 degrees C 

or about 100 degrees F

with a ridiculously high humidex

We are all sweating, don't get me wrong

it is a heck of a lot better 

than shoveling the white stuff, for me anyway

A great time was had by all

 so wonderful to get together 

share laughs and hugs and just be

I jumped in the pool 

shortly after we arrived 

as I am the designated Photog

I wanted to cool off before 

the real festivities began

and I could do my thing

The water was spectacular

85 degrees yet still refreshing

What I had totally forgotten about swimming was the pleasure that I received from a swim once the sun has gone down.  Most of the adults will only go into the pool to cool off 
when it is daylight.  

I love to wait until most of the younger set have left the pool and I can be alone, at peace...as alone as you can be with 30 people 20 feet from you.  

I am most free in the water and completely lose myself to the freedom of floating and swimming under the surface with only the light of the moon to guide you.  The sound of the water just beside your ears because the night is ever so hushed. The way the light reflects when the water moves...incredible.

As I am fairly self conscious in my daily life just walking around, I am at complete ease under the safe blanket of water. Somersaults and handstands, swimming lengths and doing backflips...oh my goodness, I was in heaven.  

When was the last time that you swam under the watchful eye of the man in the moon?


Happy Sunday
Peace & Hugs


11:55 PM

Pink Saturday

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Hi everyone

I have not been visiting

for a while

I have missed all of your 

wonderful stories and photos

I have formed wonderful 

friendships through

this Pink Party 

and I grateful to Beverly

for fostering our love of Pink

I have been enjoying my new camera

and have tons of fabulous shots of the many

events that I have attended recently

Thought I would share

a couple of the photos I had taken

recently at my Brother's home

These are Chives
I did not realize there was a ladybug
on this flower until I viewed the
photo after I took it

This lovely blown glass 
hanging water feeder
is over the pond

I do not know the name of this flower
but the color flows out to the most
gorgeous vibrant pink
Love it


I hope you are enjoying your Summer 
so far and are taking advantage
of the lovely weather
to enjoy your family
and friends

Be Creative and Gain Inspiration
from the world surrounding you
keep your eyes open
because you never know
what is just around the corner

Big Hugs to All !!

Peace and Love
3:29 PM

Happy Canada Day !!

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The sun is shining 

Family is Well

Friends are Abundant

Laughter is Plentiful

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

 are in town

to Celebrate

Canada's 144th Birthday

I think William is admiring 
Kate's Facinator as well...oh la la

However you are spending 

this Wonderful Day

be sure to include 

lots of Laughter and Love!!

Peace & Hugs


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