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Celebrate Canada's 148th Birthday

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A few Canadiana pop culture facts:

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia. She gained fame right from birth as the country's "Centennial Baby", having been the first baby born on July 1, 1967, the 100th anniversary of Canada's official founding via the Constitution Act, 1867.

Our national anthem 'O Canada' was adopted in 1980

The co-creator of 'Superman' Joe Shuster was a Toronto boy

Canada is known as Hollywood North with various movies and Television shows filmed here, most notably - Brokeback Mountain, Twighlight, Titanic, the Incredible Hulk, Capote, Suicide Squad and Mean Girls to name a few blockbusters

This is your time to celebrate the Red and White

Get outside and enjoy this beautiful country of ours

Enjoy the energy from a patriotic parade

Take in the local festivities

I am actually paying close attention to NHL draft day today and Phil Kessel has been traded from the Toronto Maple Leafs to skate with Sidney Crosby - another Canadian
This is going to be Toronto's year!!

Conclude this great day with a celebration in the sky

Happy Canada Days Friends!

Peace Love





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