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9:30 AM

Pink Dreaming !!

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My computer has a "VIRUS'....

I cannot open my profile or any applications....

it is going to the doctor today.....

if what he has is incurable......

we will have to upgrade him

with the computer of my Pink dreams

Is this not the prettiest little baby ever

I would love to be clicking my nails over these pink keys


Visit Beverly at 'How Sweet the Sound' our

hostess for this

Pink Saturday Eye Candy Celebration

I hope to have my computer

working smoothly again soon!!

Happy Weekend Everyone

xOxO Nerina

10:14 PM

I'm stitchingalong...check it out...

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Hello there

These are the stitches
I have been working on lately
I've passed the halfway mark
on this totally fun little project
who knew I would love it so much

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22


Enjoy the rest of your week

Smile at someone today


make their day brighter!!


xOxO Nerina

10:33 PM

Happy Pink Saturday!!

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It's Saturday

you need to put on

a beautiful girly

pink dress


have the night of your life

Lots of Sparkle from Vogue Italia

Drew Barrymore in Christian Lacroix

Oh La La......Miss Cruz

Pink Strapless Taffeta Vera Wang


Our lovely hostess

Beverly from 'How Sweet the Sound'

has been nothing but gracious




I would like to thank her

for making my world

Prettier in Pink!!

Have a Lovely Day

xOxO Nerina

6:08 PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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The sun is shining

and the patios are full

the green beer is flowing

and the Pot O' Gold is filled to the brim

Day 17

Day 16

Hope you entertain a bit

o' Luck O' the Irish today!!




7:35 PM

Day 14 and 15

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

I thought I would show you

my stitchalong days 14 and 15

Day 14

Day 15

This is how it is coming along...

I'm really liking how all of the little squares

are conjuring up many Spring memories for me.

I am having so much fun with this

I am already thinking of what

would be the best way to display this.


I am also working on two very pretty

Spring Swaps at the moment, it's so much fun!!


Enjoy sparking your creativity today!!

xOxO Nerina

5:40 PM

Spring Runway Inspiration!!

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Spring is in the air

and the first thing that comes to my mind

get me out of these boots

I went to look for a little shoe inspiration

at the 2010 Spring Runway shows

I think some people would really

be running away from these

They are fun though.....

Limited Edition Silk Flower Sandal

Alexis Mabille




I have this work function
it's a dress up affair
please wear something with a little style
you know...
something that everyone will remember


So...your best friend is getting married

and she wants you to be a bridesmaid...

no problem you say.....
that's wonderful she says....
I don't know what the dress will look like yet....
I want it to go with these shoes...
don't ya just love them

Christian Siriano Spring 2010



Be kind to your tootsies...

they're the only ones you have

and they have to last a lifetime


Maybe a pedicure

would be the best idea right now

What is your favorite shoe style ?

Hugs xOxO


5:09 PM

Spring Stitches

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Happy Weekend Friends!!

So, it's Tuesday

and I was so into this little Stitches project,

I blinked and next thing you know,

it's Friday and I have to go out right after work

to play cards with the girls.....

we have not done this for a while

and there was a lot of catching up to do,

so by the time I got home at 2:00AM,

I just crashed

When I woke up I realized

that I had missed 4 days of stitching

and who the heck knows what else....

it's amazing how time flies

when you have so much going on.
Thank goodness we Spring our clocks ahead this evening

to give me the illusion

that we have more time in our day

by making the sun go down later


So, I just did these...with minimal sleep and imagination

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13


What would you do

with more time in your day??

Enjoy your Saturday

and don't forget to Spring your clocks forward!!!

Longer days here we come!!


6:30 AM

Brain Health and Day 9 Stitches

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It is the time of year to not only give your home

and your body a tune-up

Why not Spring-Clean your brain while you are at it!!

The three cornerstones of better brain health are:

Good Nutrition

Regular Exercise

Keeping your Brain Stimulated

Keep some of these things in mind to assist:

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in seafood, canola oil and green leafy vegatables

They are known to improve mood, and cognitive focus

(and really, who couldn't use a little more focus)

Secondly, another brain healthy habit is

to eat breakfast regularly to help sustain mental energy.

Avoid foods that are high in sugar, trans-fat and saturated fats.

Exercise is crucial for brain health.

Like good old nutrition, exercise can turn on

the stimulating production of healthy protein in the brain.

If you can, exercise amidst nature,

as this has been shown to improve mood even more.

Thirdly, mental stimulation,

look for ways to challenge your memory

by adding a variety of brain challenges to your day

games, puzzles, learning a foreign language

and of course artistic endeavours

help to improve memory and congitive centres.

I hope this gives you something

to think about...

see..were starting already

That was painless....keep it up!!


and now

for something completely different


Day 9 of my stitchalong

It's a cute little snail


Happy Tuesday Friends!!

xOxO Nerina

5:44 PM

Giveaway Winner & Stitchalong Day 8

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I am loving this whole stitch along thing.

When I finished this one...

I just wanted to keep going...

I had to conciously put down everything

and move away...it was weird,

I was almost sad...crazy, I know.

It's is just so much fun...Thanks Amy Powers,

I'm glad I took the leap!!!

I know it is really hard to see what the heck this is.

Go ahead...take a guess....nope...

it's a handbag...really!

Not exactly how I pictured it...but...still pretty cute!!


You can follow along on the 39 squares blog
or there is a Flickr site to
see all of the creative minds at work daily.


I enjoyed watching the Acadamy Awards last night.

Was it just me or did all of the women look spectacular.

I guess it was women's night.

Congrats to all the winners!

Who was your favorite??


Oh yes, the giveaway

The winner of a copy of Flea Market Style Magazine is:


Please send me your address

and we'll get this in the mail to you

Have a fantastic week everyone!

Hugs xOxO Nerina

10:30 AM

Stitching Along.....

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Hope you are enjoying your Sunday so far

Amy from Inspire Co. is turning 39 this year
so, she came up with this
adorable little stitchalong project
so we could all celebrate with her
Every day for 39 days
you do a freehand whatever comes into your head
1 inch square of stitching or embellishing!!
The idea is to post each square everyday!
You can follow along on the 39 squares blog
or there is a Flickr site to
see all of the creative minds at work daily.
I figured, what the heck,
have not handstitched in about 20 years
and this would be a great way to get back into it...
nevermind having to come up with
39 totally different ideas...
at least you have a day
to think about it
and you only have to fill 1 inch square.
Well, I jumped on the bandwagon
a couple of days late
and did my first 7 squares at once.
I gathered my supplies,
and off I went
I thought I would do a Spring theme
(how original I know)

Day 1

A rainbow

Day 2
A Butterfly

Day 3

You know how I feel about Flowers

(this will not be the last)

Day 4

Eau de JOY

Day 5

A little abstract

Day 6

Lace and Pearls

Day 7

Cupcake ----Yummy

All together they look so sweet......who knew
stitching could be so much fun
I know they are not perfect
But, neither am I
You can still join in.....pop over to 39 squares
and leave a comment for Amy
and she will include your blog on the listing!!
Now...don't just sit there...
get those creative juices flowing
Happy Sunday!!
xOxO Nerina
8:18 PM

Pink Saturday !!

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Hello Everyone!!

Please take some time today
and visit
Beverly at 'How Sweet the Sound'
our hostess for this
fabulous Pink Saturday Part


Look what arrived at my home

....all pink and girlie

I won this fantastic giveaway

I am sure many of you already

know of Sherry and the way

her comments leave you with a warm heart

and a smile on your face.

She is the most kind, sweet and gentle soul.

Please do yourself a favour

and take a peak at her world..

...it will put a smile on your face a well.

Sherry embellished this dress form...

....isn't she pretty....I Love it.

She also sent a yummy candle

and little face cloths that are assembled

to look like ice-cream......they are

good enough to eat..really

The kicker was this

amazing shoe that she handcrafted

The detail and workmanship are fabulous

and I could not be more honored

to have this for my very own.

Thanks so much Sherry!!


Don'f forget to enter my giveaway

for your own copy of

Flea Market Style Magazine,

you have until Sunday night

and then I will choose the winner,

just leave a comment here

Happy Pink Saturday Friends

xOxO Nerina

5:52 AM

A gift for you!!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!!
The much anticipated arrival of
this wonderful new magazine
has caused quite a stir.
I have heard that many of you
are having trouble finding this little gem.
Well, I found some and I thought
I would like to give you
the opportunity to have your very own copy!
So, if you leave me a comment here
by Sunday, March 7th
I will draw a winner
and this little baby could be yours.

It really is a fabulous publication

Good luck


Do something creative today!

Hugs xOxO



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