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Rosette Swap Reveal Party !!

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The day is finally here !!

A little bit ago I joined
a really sweet swap hosted by

We each received a swap partner
to send a Rosette to
and in return
received a Rosette
from another partner
that was kept a secret
A linky party will reveal

all of the Pretty Rosettes

Please visit Jill to see all of the participants
I received my lovely package from

Oh my gosh
She decorated the packaging with little stamps
and it was adorable

This was what greeted me
as I opened the box...ain't she perdy!!

Kate made this special 'Mama' Nest charm

for me with two eggs to represent my two kidlets

Isn't she the sweetest

I am so excited about this fabulous rosette

it has a clip on the back, in this photo
it is already clipped to my hair

Kate sent me candy hearts and a sinfully yummy

scented candle called 'salt mint rose'

See that pink tissue...it is one of those fabulous
poms, I don't want to open it until I use it

Thank you so much Kate...I love everything !!


These are the goodies that I sent to my partner

Leslie from Junkgirl Studio

I made 3 rosettes of varying sizes

out of muslin and thought

what the heck am I going to do with these

so... I found this lovely lace edged hankie

and bought a pillow

(I know, I could have made it just as easily

but don't you love the fabric

and the color is just like yummy cocoa)

I folded the hankie

and stitched it to the front of the pillow

and guess what, I ended up with little pockets

unintentional of course

I added the rosettes and some leaves

placed a really cool pin at the top

and voila....pretty parlour rosette pillow

These are all the rage right now

I added a lovely rosette to this pearl headband

Such a pretty color...goes with everything

This is the pillow with the pockets
full of fun pink goodies for Leslie to play with

Thank you so much
Jill for kick starting my Rosette obsession

Look out...nothing is safe from
the Rosette embellishment

Have Fun at the Party!!
Big Hugs xOxO Nerina
10:49 PM

Angels among us for Pink Saturday!!

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Thank you for taking the time to visit today

for this special party to celebrate

Colette's Miracle Makeover

Please follow the links to see what the blogging
community can accomplish
if we all just leave a comment.
Last year our hostess of Pink Saturday
Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
posted about Colette and her battle with Cancer
and the thoughtfullness that helped facilitate nothing
short of a miracle.

I borrowed this from

Kelee at the The Katillac Shack

the lovely lady

that has spread her kindness and keeps on giving

Want to do another good thing?

During the party, Design Gives Back

will donate $1.00 for every comment you leave here

or at one of the link parties -- to go toward another makeover project

A similar "comment fundraiser" is

how we started with Colette

Together we can change things









NEW Janome Sewing Machine
Erin Houghton Roses Painting
Guideposts Magazine Subscriptions
Penny Carlson Mosaic Cross

Oh my gosh.....so many fabulous giveaway's

how could you not visit the links above to find out more


Please visit Miss Beverly and Miss Kelee

I know you will be inspired to brighten

the day of someone special

I almost forgot

we are supposed to share an inspiring story

of our own today

My Husband was told

that he had maybe 6 months to live

He was placed on the organ transplant list

and within 3 days received a new Heart

and is alive and thriving today

because of the kindness of others

Thank you to that WONDERFUL Angel

for taking care of my family


Happy Pink Saturday Everyone !!
Big Hugs

Nerina xOxO

1:06 PM

Summer Blooms

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Where has the Summer gone

I cannot believe that we are sending the kids back to school

Getting ready to welcome the cooler evenings

The hustle and bustle of the Holiday season (what)

This has been a crazy Season and I know Fall will be fabulous

A few blooms from my garden

before (egads) Snowfall removes all the color

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far

How are you winding up this wonderful season

Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

8:42 AM

Pink Saturday revisited....

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Just over a year ago I started this little Blog
and quickly discovered Unimaginable JOY
as well as a whole community of like minded
and as I've come to realize
very Supportive new 'Friends'
Thank you everyone for spreading the love
...a big big hug from me
(and if you know me...I don't give those out very often)

I thought I would re-post
my first Pink Saturday from June of 2009

Hoping this would give me
the kick in the butt that I think I need right now
I loved this post and it is just
what I need to make me smile today
Hi there, thank you for visiting today.
I just wanted to thank
Beverly at How Sweet The Sound
for making this
Pink Saturday Eye Candy Adventure
such a treat.
Please visit
Beverly for a listing of all of the participants.
I thought for my first Pink Saturday post
that I would show you a few of the scrumptious pink goodies

that make me smile.

Who can resist Pink Lemonade

Sugar Cookies embellished
with what else...Pink Frosting...Yummy

Pink and White Honeysuckle...such a sweet fragrance

I love... love... love jelly beans

Oh my gosh Pink Stilettos and Pink Roses....oohh!!

Juicy Couture Perfume

Peonies the unofficial flower of June

Embellished with love

How could you not want to put
your tootsies in these fantastic silk slippers

It was a pleasure
having you visit today,
please come back again soon.

Have a sensational rest of the day !!
Nerina :)

10:47 PM

Feelin Funky !!

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Trying to climb out of this 'Funk'

that has held me captive

for the past couple of months

Eat more: Happy mood-boosting foods

Bluegreen Algae (E3 Live)
E3Live is a fresh water algae that is one of that highest natural sources of phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is as a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant. It's the same compound found in chocolate that perks-up our 'feel good' chemical.s However, bluegreen algae has about 50X more PEA than chocolate! It's also commonly known as the 'love molecule' as it stimulates mood, feelings of overall well-being, and has been described to simulate the same euphoric feeling and feel-good chemical that the body naturally produces during those beginning stages of 'falling in love'. A shot of this is like being bit by the 'happy love bug'. In addition, this also helps to improve attention, concentration, memory, and he stabilization of mood swings. Bluegreen Algae is also an excellent source of EPA and DHA (omega 3 Derivatives) that act as an anti-depressant

Cold water fish(wild Salmon)
and/or fish oil Cold water oily fish are an excellent source of EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are omega 3 derivatives that are found naturally in oily fish. Research proves that fish oils that have a higher ratio of EPA:DHA is significant in effectively treating and reversing the effects of depression.

Research shows that saffron works just as effectively as prozac in treating mild to moderate depression - without the side effects! Crocin and safranal the two chemical compounds found in saffron that is reported to relieve depression by raising serotonin and other mood enhancing chemicals in the brain.

Eat more: Chill-out foods

These foods promote help your body relax and promote 'brain-calming' chemicals, such as serotonin.

Sesame Seeds
are a high source of tryptophan, which is an essential amino responsible for the production of serotonin - a neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain and nervous system. In addition sesame seeds are one of the highest sources of calcium (gram for gram has more calcium than milk!). Calcium is also essential in combating stress and anxiety.

Complex Carbs
Such as quinoa, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. These complex carbohydrates are also high in tryptophan promoting the calming effects of serotonin production, and they also are a high source of b-vitamins, particularly B6, which is essential for helping to reduce stress and supports the adrenal glands.

Raw Chocolate
Now, while raw chocolate contains PEA, which promotes a happy, elated feeling, and alleviates depression (as noted above). Pure, raw chocolate (or cacao) is also one of the highest sources of magnesium. Magnesium is essential in reducing muscle-tension and promoting relaxation.

Chocolate also contains a neurotransmitter known as anandamide that has the ability to alter dopamine levels in the brain, causing a sense of peace and relaxation.


I'm going to be stuffed

I guess the silver lining is
I will feel much better
Bigger...but Better

Enjoy your Friday !!
xOxO Nerina

6:33 AM

Monday !!!

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Just when the caterpiller

thought the world was over

It turned into a Butterfly


Have a fabulous week !!

xOxO Nerina

11:58 PM

Happy Pink Saturday !!

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With the temperatures soaring all over
the blooms of Summer
have never been more prolific

How SWOON worthy is this

galvanized can filled with Pink Roses

and barely budding blue Hydrandeas

The palest of Pink Hydrandeas

Gerberas just make me smile

especially on the beach

Calla Lillies are simply divine


Please take some time today

and visit

Beverly of How Sweet the Sound

our hostess for this fabulous

Pink Saturday Party

to renew your love of Pink

xOxO Nerina


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