Fitness Friday !!

Winter is the perfect season

at least in my opinion

I can cover up under layers of clothes

and no one can see

 the real me

Along comes Spring


were all happy and feelin free
until we realize

oh my gosh

what do you mean it's too hot for my jacket.

Now what am I going to do

All Winter I have been eating everything in sight and not moving a know what that means right...that's right....everything that should be tight has travelled south and is a bit soft...OK..alot soft.

I knew this was happens every year...why oh why do I keep repeating the same pattern. Now...I actually have to get off the couch and move....move and move some more!

It's time to cut the fat!!

Eat less and actually pay attention to what I am eating and then..guess what...move some more!

I have found that these really kick my butt and when time is of the right now...this will do the trick!! I am talking about 'High Intensity Interval Training'. Some of you might know this in the form of the Shaun T exercise video 'Insanity'

You do various exercises at a quick pace and change it up...really work up a sweat and before you know can put on those shorts and t-shirts with out feeling like you need to cover up

I know it works for me

NOW.....time to get off this computer and 'HIIT' it

Let's get a little glow on and a lot of Fat Off!!

If this seems like a daunting task...just get off the couch and DANCE...that's right...just mooove....anyone can do will feel so much better!!

Don't Forget to Eat Better

you know they say that it's like this
"80% Nutrition and 20% everything else"

Lower those portions

Cut out the White Stuff
(sugar, pasta, rice etc.)
White Death


The most colorful meal you can think of

Riiiight.....try again


...oh ya...and make 'em lots of low GI foods every couple of hours and keep your blood sugar level so you don't will take a couple of days....I know you can do it.....ya you......come on....we'll do it together!!

What makes you get off the couch and exercise!!!!

I know you'll be glad you did!!

Have Fun!
xOxO Nerina


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