June...how did you get here so fast...

I don't know if it is because the weather has been unseasonably crazy
or that I have been so busy, but,

June is actually here and I guess I must have missed May.

I hope all of you are fabulous and if you are not
fabulous right now,
I know that you will be soon.

I have so much to share with you


Ever since I registered for BlissDom Canada - the 1st official blogging conference for Women in Canada, my life has been a whirlwind for sure. I signed up to tweet on this little application called "Twitter', have you heard of it...it is nothing short of amazing. It is really a difficult application to explain and the only way to really know what it is all about is to experience it. Think of it as a cocktail party, many conversations going on and you just jump in and chat with like minded people that peak your interest. If you have a common interest, as I did by joining those that were previous attendees of BlissDom Canada in its inaugural year, you almost have an instant following.
The ladies and a couple of men are so welcoming and they all are more than happy to
share their knowledge with a newbie (that's me).

Through this spectacular vehicle of Twitter
I have been exposed to so many events
 that I would not have otherwise even known existed.

The Women in Biz Network, facilitated by Leigh Mitchell and Shelagh Cummins held an evening event to help you to ‘Monitize your WebSite’ was the first Twitter event that I attended. It was a ton of fun, I learned a couple of things, met a group of inspiring attendees and soaking up the knowledge of those who knew what the heck they were doing.
I recognized many from their Twitter avatars
 and I began following those that I did not.
I am loving this journey.

Later in the month, I attended the ‘Mothers on Fire’ workshop event, to assist you in realizing the Fire that is lurking beneath and just waiting to be ignited by a match that must be at the bottom of your purse. Find that match and ‘Ignite Your Fire’. It was a wonderful experience. The workshop consisted of the “Passion Test” to find your passion, this workshop was led by the engaging Jo-Ann Ferreira. I met women from allover that were business owners, bloggers and some that just wanted to ignite their everyday lives with a bit of a kick.
More exchanging of Twitter handles, more follows,
for them as well as myself
and another tremendous event under my belt.

Next, Pottery Barn Teen was launching their first Canadian enterprise and
courtesy of the Yummy Mummy Club,
I was invited to this event through their website.
A wonderful online family that caters to everything
Mummy and all that goes with that, being fabulous,
remembering the 'You' before kiddos
and still being a Mom, spearheaded by the brilliant Erica Ehm.
The more I am exposed to her empire, the more I am in awe, she is amazing.
They had yummy goodies to munch on, fun drinks to try,
lovely product to view and of course terrific women
to get to know in real life, as most of them you follow on Twitter,
if not before the event, then certainly after.

The Women in Biz Network was presenting a conference in Toronto
 and before the conference began they were going
 to have a Tweet-up (a real life meeting of Twitter followers)
of those attending the conference as well as those
that were attendees of BlissDom Canada 2010 as well as the 2011 attendees.
This took place at a downtown hotel and it was a super event.
 I was in awe of all of the
remarkable entreprenurial women in attendance.
Most of these women started businesses on their own,
so that the could spend time with their children,
some have taken off and they are on fire,
others are more manageable, yet still rewarding.
This type of networking event
 was more than I could have ever dreamed of.
I will hopefully be more comfortable with these lovely women
once I get to know them a bit more,
I was a trifle intimidated and not my usual go get ‘em self.
Can’t wait for October and the actual event.
I will just have to grow my relationships via Twitter
 and other avenues until then, I can hardly wait.

Anyway, that was May for me, not to mention that I have started my Summer Softball season and we are in first place so far…yippee!! The last month of school for my son is always busy for all of us and then there are the normal day to day events. My daily 3 hour commute also factors into this crazy life. I know we are all experiencing these issues and we will get through them,
so that we can enjoy the Summer and the living will be easy.


Peace and Hugs
My Friends!!



  1. Dear, you didn't miss May. You filled it up. Looking forward to more nicnac mania in the near future.

  2. WOW, you've been busy!!!

    Oh, yeah, I've been a tweeter for a long time. LOVE twitter, far better than FB!

    So what is your twitter name? I'm sassyminidolls!


  3. You have been busy!! WOW! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. You certainly have been busy. Good luck with your new adventure. ~ Sarah

  5. Holy Cow girl, you've been one busy chickie!! congrats on your softball team being in first- whoo hooo! And I have fallen off my Twitter buzz, I need to get back on there I guess!!!!!!!!! love ya.....


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