Save the Earth 'Day' ?

It really is crazy 

that we choose

 1 day out of 365

 to make a concerted effort

 to sustain our planet for the future

It does not take that much effort
 to try and do a tiny bit
Every Day

Recycle your junk mail, cardboard, 
plastic, wood and glass etc...

Reuse your junk mail, cardboard, 
plastic, wood and glass etc...

Creativity people...I know you have it in spades

Reduce the items that you bring into your home, 
so that the first two items
 are not so much of a challenge

Shop, Eat and Cook local 
to reduce 
the carbon footprint of vehicles 
that would have longer travel times 
therefore create more guck in the air

Compost all of your delicious scraps and leftovers
 to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood

Turn off the lights for longer periods of time
 and rekindle a little bit of 
family comfort and togetherness 
without technology just one night a week

Light those candles and bask in the glow
....candlelight just makes life seems sweeter somehow

Plant trees....take your family out and plant some trees, 
it is a fabulous experience to get back to nature together
get a little dirt under those fingernails


So, please
 tell me...

what are you doing


 to preserve this place

 we call HOME

 for future generations??

Happy Earth Day Friends

Peace & Hugs


  1. Nerina! Greetings and Happy Earth Day!!! I carry a folded up, fabric shopping bag in my purse. When sellers ask, "Would you like a bag?" I say, "No thanks, I have my own."
    Have a great week ahead.


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