Pink Peony Saturday

Happy Weekend Friends

A giant storm has taken over

all of the flowers that were so happy

last weekend

well, today is a different story

A little windblown

but happy for the rain to help

them flourish

I hope your weekend is filled 


family, friends

and tons of



Happy Saturday!!

 hop on over to 


for your dose of 

Pink Celebration


Peace Love



  1. Beautiful flowers! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Linda

  2. I'm loving those peonies--my very favorite flower. I love your little grasshopper peeking from behind the plants--SO cute. Happy Pink Sat.

  3. I love your garden :) just lovely!
    Happy PINK Saturday:))

    Kay Ellen

  4. Nerian, your pink peonies are gorgeous. I can just imagine how heavenly they smell. You should link this post to Alison's Favorites on the 1st party. We are all sharing our gardens.
    Happy Pink Saturday. Hope life is good. ~ Sarah

  5. Your flowers are all beautiful, even though that storm hit!

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