Half Century

No matter who you are or where you live

 we all have something in common

Give up….did you even try to guess…really…

We all came to this world the same way
we are all born on a specific date
because of that 
we all have one special day a year

Our Birthday

Well, that day, for me, is coming up on Friday

Usually, I don’t like to mention my birthday to people
yes, I know, I’m social, I’m outgoing

 I am also, private and a bit shy and don’t like the spotlight placed on me, more, kind of a background girl 
(fine, a loud background girl)

It’s just that, well, this is a pretty big one 
the big half-century….seriously….half-century

OMG…how did I get this old!!

I am going with my ball team on Friday morning 
to Niagara Falls, Ontario
to hang with the girls 
laugh our faces off 
scavenger hunt
gamble a bit at the casino 
maybe shake our thing at a club
 (you know, for mature women) 
and just chill
 pass out
 and drive respectably home
 in the morning  

The perfect way to spend my special day
 in my opinion anyway!

How did you spend your special day this year 
or what plans do you have
 to raise the roof in 2012?

Peace Love 
Huge Birthday Hugs Everyone!!



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