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11:22 PM

Thankful Thursday....

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I don't know when it happens

Is it a major event

or something seemly insignificant

that makes us finally wake up

and realize 

how truly blessed we are 

We all have our issues
our challenges
our loves lost
our loves found
our trial
and tribulations


we all come to a point

when we just



think to ourselves


how did I get so lucky

fabulous family
that would do anything for you

terrific friends
who will make you laugh
when all you want to do is cry

those little pleasures
that fill your heart

pastimes that bring you joy

You wake up each morning

filled with the gusto and gumption

to spread your new found

gratitude with others

I think I am there

Thanks for playing such a

pivotal role in helping 

me find that sweet spot


Sharing Your Joys with Me

I am Truly Grateful


Tell me
What are you Thankful for today...


Peace Love and


7:10 PM


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Long Weekend Joys


No plans, just doing things 
because they make me smile

Lazying on the couch, watching feel good chick flicks

Eating chips and sipping cocktails

Catching up on puzzles 
and making a dent in my reading pile

Tinkering in the garden to create pretty 

Getting a small dose of sun for vitamin D
and let's face it
a warm glow onto my Winter chicken skin

Leisurely meals




What is your favourite blissful
long weekend pastime?


Happy Victoria Day
all my Canadian Friends!!


Peace Love 


8:48 PM

Garden Delights

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Hi there

I hope you are enjoying 

the lovely month of May

These are some snippets

from my garden


What glorious delights

are bringing you joy this month?

Peace Love
and Happiness



9:36 AM

May Day

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When I was in elementary school
 about grade 2 or 3 
we had an annual event 
it was called

 'A Day in May'  

It was a super fun day 
filled with games, prizes, crafts
tables filled with home baked goodies for sale
raffles and just all around
the best day ever  

We looked forward to this day all year
 we made signs 
organized teams, rallied our parents to bake
find items around our homes
 for the raffles and craft tables.

I guess at that innocent age 
it was all about fun
 a day for joy, friendship and laughter
Fun Fairs and Spring Soirees 
were all the rage 

 I think of dancing around the May Pole
when I think 
of the first Day in May

Watering the garden
helping those seeds you planted
that grass you cultivated 
with loving care to grow 
make your world a prettier
happier place

for some
 this is the day 
to re-Occupy 
for the rights of workers

for others
it is all about marching for your cause 
using this historic day to bring light 
to whatever you are passionate about

I hope you created a little happy history today!

What does May Day bring to mind for you??

Peace and Hugs



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