Have you been hooked by Scandal yet...

I don’t know how it happened 
I cannot remember the exact moment
 I just know that I have never been happier

Have you discovered the hottest show 
on the small screen right now….yes

 I am talking about ABC’s Scandal

Brought to you by Shonda Rhimes, creator, 
executive producer 
and head writer of Grey’s Anatomy 
and Private Practice fame

Who would think that you would 
be cheering for the mistress 
and the most powerful married man in the world
 to leave everything behind them
 and live happily ever after...

 Kerry Washington is spectacular 
as the Chief of the Gladiators, 
the fixer, the one to call in Washington 
when you think there is no way out…

inspired by real life Washington fixer
who serves as Co- Executive Producer of the project 
and provides insight and technical expertise 
on crisis management issues

Kerry and her group of misfit wounded warriors
that she at one time or another
rescued or 
they owe her their life
for some challenge
 find they will do anything for her

 The perfect employees to
offer crisis management services
to the rich and powerful
like ninja under the cover of darkness

 Tony Goldwyn – grandson of the infamous
 MGM Studios founder
a prolific director and actor 
portrays POTUS

This show is action packed
do not miss a moment
plot twists
 hand to mouth 

so many stories packed into this hour
you don't even want to leave the screen
to go to the bathroom 

Catch any episode 
and you will be instantly hooked 
and find yourself scrounging 
to watch the previous episodes 
to see just where 
all of the love and scandal evolved from

It is Thursday and the Twitter world is abuzz with @Scandal...join the conversation @ScandalABC #Gladiators…

Tonight is the night 10:00pm….check it out

Enjoy !!

Peace Love and Hugs



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