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Terrific Tuesday !!

Hello Peoples!!!!!
I trust you were able to enjoy your weekend,

I know there are a lot of crazy

weather patterns out there right now

and I hope all of you are safe

and with the ones you love!!

A few treats that bring a smile to my face
and make this a Terrific Tuesday

I am in love with this quilt

made by Amy a la Mode

inspired by her McCoy Pottery,

I think I might even try to make one myself

....a project for the Fall...maybe

Moroccan Dresser...look at that Mirror

I wonder what type of Candy

would look great in this dish
...Oh wait...I know...any Candy

The spout and the glass detail is exquisite

Turqoise Love from Flickr

1. DSC02986, 2. Aqua Filigree Earrings, 3. Wolf Mannequin, 4. Dreamy Dresser, 5. Chippy Blue Candlesticks, 6. DSC_0448-aqua, 7. Silk Ribbons & Bits, 8. Aqua door, 9. aqua house, 10. DSC02988, 11. Little aqua door, 12. Gate, 13. Classic 214


What would it take for you to have

the most

Terrific Tuesday imaginable????


  1. For me to have thee most terrific Tuesday possible...I would love to stay home from work and go blog hopping! Love the turquoise, have a great Tuesday!

  2. A job :) Love those bottles with the spouts!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, Nerina!!


  3. Love the vintage seltzer bottles! And all the pictures from Flickr. So pretty! You have yourself a a Terrific Tuesday, as well!!!!


  4. These are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!! I want to live where those things reside! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. oh your post is so lovely today...I am in love with this colour...my home is filled with it and I keep bring more home...thanks for the joy today.xoxo

  6. I would have a terrific Tuesday if I walked into the thrift store and found something vintage and beautiful and it was really cheap! LOL.

    Actually if would be to wake up and find that all was right with the world!


  7. I love your picks, that mirror is incredible! More inspiration to create would make this the best Tuesday ever! :D

  8. What great photos...love the quilt and seltzer bottles.


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