My own Father left
this planet many many years ago
He is always thought of
warmly by my Mom
as well as his large brood of kiddies

Happy Father's Day to all of you
wonderful Daddy's out there
you know who you are!!

~ Celebrate ~


Tomorrow my son will be travelling
with his grade 8 graduating class
to Cleveland, Ohio
They will be gone for 4 days.....boohoo!!

I know he will have a sensational time
with all of his friends, sightseeing, shopping
and of course the highlight of this trip
the evening cruise on the lake

The following Monday

will be his Grade 8 Graduation
where has the time gone!!

Andrew and his Daddy
Enjoy your Sunday Everyone!!
Big Hugs xOxO Nerina


  1. Treasure every moment now.
    When time turns them to memories,
    they seem to fade some how.
    Be well. Be blessed. And continue to be a blessing,

  2. Hi Nerina... your daddy looks like a warm and loving man and I am sure you miss him... I hope your son has a nice time, the evening cruise sounds wonderful! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Hi Nerina,

    Love your post :)

    I see that school ends later up there then in NB. My girls last day is Friday and they are anxious. I hope that your son has a awesome trip but I am sure he will. He will come home with lots to tell you.

  4. Happy Father's Day Nerina,

    Thanks so much for visiting me today and for your kind words.


    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. I hope your son has a great time away, and that you don't miss him tooooo much!


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