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Welcome to Silver Sunday !!

Welcome to Silver Sunday hosted by

Please take some time to visit with Beth

and all of the wonderful participants

to see the most diverse show

of silver to add a little sparkle to this dreary day!!

A few blingy silver goodies that make me smile

This fabulous little purse was

my Mother's and I know she used to

use it when they would go out

dancing back in the day...can you just picture it...

the hair all rolled up, the lovely dress,

the great shoes, stockings with the line

and this sequined number holding

her lipstick and compact.

A little Benny Goodman playing the tunes.

Those were the days!

This is the belt that I wear when

I have a special evening planned that does not call for a dress,

lots of movement, maybe work....anyway

this sparkly goodie will elevate

any pair of pants to make you shine

or you can just drape it over

a loose blouse or skirt.

Have fun with it, I do!!

I wear this pretty heart on my lapel

or sometimes on my purse or scarf

Love these earrings...put on a really pretty dress,

some sparkly shoes and off you go...dance the night away


Now for something really special, take a little detour and visit Deb at 'YaYa ChiQue' her little world is filled to the brim with gorgeous jewelry and tons of unique products that any girlie girl would love, I know you will find somethere that you will want to bring home and play with. Deb has a store in Houston as well as a blog where you can see tons of fabulous eye candy.

Just in time for Valentine's Day

Love these pretty charms
Deb has tons to see, so go and shop online or visit in person.


The second chapter of Silver Sunday begins next Sunday and it occurs on the second Sunday of every month.....so keep your eyes peeled so you can enjoy this Silver treat for a long time. Don't forget to visit with Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal to see lots of Silver Sparkle.

Keep warm all of you that have been blanketed with more snow than you love and I hope that the temps cool down a bit for Vancouver so that the Winter Olympics will be a smash hit.

Happy Sunday :)

xOxO Nerina


  1. Love your bling, Nerina!! That purse is beautiful!! Ah, THOSE were the days!!!

    Have a wonderful week!!


  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh these are just gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Hi Nerina, you have some great silver for a night on the town! Girl...I think this is the second time you have led me astray onto someones blog that I ended up loving..hahaha...I am off to see that cute heart charm bracelet...
    Happy SS...
    Sylvia :D

  4. Love all your silver beauties and your purse is divine!

    Happy Silver Sunday Sweet Friend!

    Love and hugs,

  5. Hey sweetie!
    LOVE all that silver..fits puuuurfect in the Yaya store! :) Thanks for the "plug"...Hopefully, someday you will be able to come down here to Bayou country and see Yaya first hand! xo..deb

  6. Such pretty, sparkly silvers!
    Happy SS!

  7. Nerina, These are wonderful silver goodies to get dressed up! I especially love the purse and the heart.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. I love bracelets and you have some darling pieces here! Great post!!

  9. Great silver choices..I love the jewelry, but I have to tell you that I am a total sucker for the charms and hearts...they are hard for me to resist.

  10. Nerina:
    Love your mom's clutch and your shiny heart pin!

    PS. Stop over to Brynwood and enter my giveaways if you haven't already. There are two of them going right now! '-)

  11. I love vintage jewelry and you have some very pretty pieces! Great belt and ear rings too.
    Wonderful Silver Sunday post!

  12. I just love all your bling! I'm a silver girl all the way. :-)

    And thank you so much for your comments on my "burnout" post, every visit and comment means so much to me!


  13. Of course your post today is very lovely, what girl doesn't love shiny bling. However I also wanted to add that your blog site by itself is very lovely.

  14. Oh wow! I love your jewellery collection...especially that sparkly silver purse! :)

  15. Doesn't it make you feel great when you wear pretty things! I love your beautiful charm bracelet! Love your blog, too!

  16. Oh stunning!!! Loving your collection!!


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