a bit of this, a bit of that

Spring Nesting....

Happy Weekend


These are a few of the little homes

for Spring Birdies

that we have around our home

Alot of happy birdies chirping right now

A peak at the

Petite Inspiration Swap boxes

that I sent to my partners.

Cannot wait to receive some fun mail

The Egg Exchange swap

hosted by Christine at A Work in Progress.

My partner received hers already

and when I receive mine,

I will post all of the goodies


I hope your day is filled

with sunshine, rebirth

and tons of Joy!!

xOxO Nerina


  1. I love your variety of birds houses. They all need a safe place to raise the little ones and tour place looks bird friendly.

    If you haven't signed up for my giveaway ..drop by and do so.

  2. Those bird houses are JUST beautiful! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Oh, Nerina, such sweet little houses for your winged vistors!!!

    I am so READY for spring. The weather keeps going back and forth, back and forth.


  4. I love the bird houses. But I got rid of mine after I caught the neighbors cat using it as a buffet.

  5. Hey BFF! SO good to hear from you, and what a cute post! Thanks for your sweet words! You're the best! Have an awesome weekend! xOxO

  6. I bet you have some pretty birds hanging around those cute birdhouses!

  7. Oh, Nerina!!
    I would just love to move into one of those sweet, tiny houses! *teehee*
    They look wonderful!
    Happy weekend, my friend!

  8. Nerina, your birdhouses are all so unique. I think there are some lucky birds in your neighborhood. What a fun post!

  9. Love all the bird houses...we only have one but I love watching the birds come and go all day long. Hugs for a great week.xo

  10. wow i love all those fabulous bird houses! they're really unusual and i bet the birdies looooove them!

  11. I love your birdhouse collection! Some squirrels chewed the hole in one of ours so hopefully we'll see baby squirrels in the near future.......

  12. Love all your birdhouses...I have yet to have even one...but that's all gonna change this year.

    Happy weekend!
    xoxo, Andrea


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