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Happy Tuesday Everyone,

So, it was Friday of last week, I was contemplating all of the craziness that was to happen for the upcoming weekend!  My son and his buddy were attending a conference called AnimeNorth at the Toronto Congress Centre, about 45 minutes from my home in the east end of the city. They were sleeping over (no sleeping involved, I might add).  He would require a pick-up at 10:30pm Friday, a drop-off 9:00am Saturday as well as a pick-up at 10:00pm, another drop-off Sunday 9:30am and of course he would require a pick-up on Sunday at 4:00pm.  Not to mention all of the other events, chores and general weekend blah blah blah that I had committed to complete this weekend.

Oh em gee, but do I not receive a Direct Message through the Wonderful World that is Twitter around 11:00am, informing me that I was next on the waitlist and would I like to (still) attend Blog Podium.  WHAT….of course, are you kidding me.  I would still love to attend, so, what is the problem you ask, oh, no problem, it’s on Saturday, that’s right, this Saturday.  Oh, and I guess I neglected to mention that I also offered my services to help out, so, I had to be there for 10:00am, yikes……nevermind….I am jumping up and down…Blog Podium…here I come!!


The first of it’s kind north of the boarder, brought to us from the incredibly creative minds of Jennifer Flores writing at Rambling Renovators and Lindsay Stephenson with Little House Blog.  These lovely ladies filled a crater in the Canadian conference arena.  Design and Lifestyle Blogs are gaining popularity and Blog Podium ~ Design Blogger Series is just what the doctor ordered.


The Acadian Loft (formerly the Acadian Court) was the perfect venue, the tables were adorned with lovely roses as well as seasonal wildflowers by the fabulous We Create Hoopla !

The Keynote, delivered by the absolutely lovely Laura Balch made her first trip across the boarder to north country from Chicago where she founded Making it Lovely.  
We were fortunate to have Laura share her intimate knowledge of the behind the scenes tips and tricks for monitization of your blogs and websites.  So much insight to share and we had her all to ourselves.

‘The Business of Blogging’ was discussed in length by the diverse panel including Cheryl Kozoriz  -Manager, Marketing and Communications, glucksteinhome @cherylkozoriz,  Laura Muirhead - Community Cultivation Manager, Tribal DDB  @lauraroni, Christine Dovey Blogger: bijou and boheme  Expertise: Boutique Ads and Lindsay Stephenson Blogger:Little House Blog Expertise: Campaigns with Brands.  This exciting, lively and candid conversation was moderated by the fabulous LeighAnn Allaire Parrault @leighannallaire, all around design diva and moderator extraordinaire.

Next Up ~ fill those bellies and your kinetic mind with a vendor meet and greet cocktail party.
Engaging Brands reaching out to Canadian Lifestyle & Design Bloggers to be the first to spread their wings and ride the blogger wave.  We like it, a sampling below!!


A day full of meeting in real life some of your design hero and sometimes, just gawking from a across the room (Okay, I may be talking about myself here).  Networking at it's best with like minded peeps who get you and your blogging ways as well as your near obsession with all things pretty.  I learned a ton, met some fabulously stylish (in every way) creative ladies and gentlemen, my heart and head are full of inspiration!

All of the lovely photos were created by Mango Studios

I simply cannot wait for next Blog Podium in the Fall!!

{Hey that's me, found this on Jen's blog....scared the **** out of me}


Once again, Lindsay and Jen, you two are simply the best, 
great job, you have found your calling!!

Enjoy the Day !!!

Do something Creative that brings you JOY!

Peace and Hugs


  1. Hey Nerina, so glad you were able to pull this off, together with all else going on over the weekend. You are the paradigm of multitasking! Sounds like it was such fun. Wish I could have been there too.

  2. hey, girl! Wow, what a lot of fun you seemed to have at your blog podium!! And, you tweet. (I don't tweet - I don't get it)
    I'm glad you got to do something for yourself and got your son taken care of at the same time:)

    Been missin' ya and hope all is well,

  3. Cool post! I'm going to EVO in July. My first, I'm so excited! Love your blog. I'll try to find you on Twitter.


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