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Family BBQ

Seemed like a great idea, call up everyone.... invite them over for a beautiful day. Who knew that this was the coldest day on record for this date in May and the wind velocity was insane.

Not to worry, a fun time was had by all.
Lots of great company, good food and tons of conversation.
Thanks to everyone for coming....we'll do it again soon.

So busy running around that I forgot to take out the old camera and capture the moments. A few that I took before everyone arrived, just to give you a glimpse.

Preparing Appies

Just Iced Cupcakes

Prezzies for the Ladies

Fantastic Roses from Natalie

Oh, by the way, the weather today is a balmy 20 degrees celsius, sun shining and not a lick of wind....gorgeous. Anyone up for a BBQ.

Enjoy the sunshine on this Victoria Day Holiday everyone,

Be Safe

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