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Happy Friday Everyone !!

So...Friday is finally here......whoohoo!!

Last night I played Euchre with the Girls. I did not win...but...I did not lose either.

Good times!!! Please take a look at some snippets from our host Mitch's home as well as some of the happy Euchreittes.

What a charming way to display
Martha Stewart 'FOOD' Magazine

Carol, Sam and Marian mug for the camera

Teresa and Deb

Grouping atop the powder room vanity

Black & White pics with history

Inventive decorative Bedroom boarder

Mitch's kitty enjoying the weather

Sandra, Sam, Marian and Mitch at Sam's

Mitch is holding the 'Boob'y prize

Thanks for a great evening ladies, it was a laugh as usual,

till next month.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend everyone :)

Nerina xox

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  1. Nerina, Thanks for stopping by my Blog I sure am glad you found it! I love all the girls posing for pics, darling. What fun to get together with a fun group of girls, jealous... wish I had been there. Keep your blog going, I will will post it on my Blog. I sure do remember when I first started I wasn't sure what I was doing, but in time it starts coming together. Good Luck on my giveaway!
    Hugs, Diane


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