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Hey everyone,

How are we all on this very crazy day? First it's so warm that we have to shed all of our layers. The sun is shining and we are all getting our dose of vitamin D. Suddenly it gets all dark and the rain comes down with a vengence. As quickly as it came, the rain dried up and the sun was shining again. Mother nature was a little indecisive today, glad she finally made up her mind and stuck with the blue skies !!!

Look at this gorgeous rainbow that I shot in the pouring rain, that is why it is so blurry. It was so vibrant and the colors were amazing,
these pictures just do not do it justice.
If you look closely you can see the double rainbow below

More flowers that I bought today and will plant tomorrow

Look at these yummy finds that I purchased at a tag sale this morning.
Are these not adorable!!

Look...they all open up, so cute

Noah's Ark Trinket box and a little pumpkin tea pot

It was quite a productive day, I am in a crafting whirlwind doing some work for my Very Vintage 4th of July swap as well as working on a few other projects.

Enjoy your evening !!

Nerina :)

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