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8:28 PM
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Hey everyone,

How are we all on this very crazy day? First it's so warm that we have to shed all of our layers. The sun is shining and we are all getting our dose of vitamin D. Suddenly it gets all dark and the rain comes down with a vengence. As quickly as it came, the rain dried up and the sun was shining again. Mother nature was a little indecisive today, glad she finally made up her mind and stuck with the blue skies !!!

Look at this gorgeous rainbow that I shot in the pouring rain, that is why it is so blurry. It was so vibrant and the colors were amazing,
these pictures just do not do it justice.
If you look closely you can see the double rainbow below

More flowers that I bought today and will plant tomorrow

Look at these yummy finds that I purchased at a tag sale this morning.
Are these not adorable!!

Look...they all open up, so cute

Noah's Ark Trinket box and a little pumpkin tea pot

It was quite a productive day, I am in a crafting whirlwind doing some work for my Very Vintage 4th of July swap as well as working on a few other projects.

Enjoy your evening !!

Nerina :)
3:47 PM

Happy Friday Friends!!!

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The sun is shining and the weekend has begun....yeah!!!

I'm so excited to have joined the
Summer Hair Accessories Swap
Hosted Heather of Speckled Egg.

Pop on over to her site....can you say inspiration.

Just look at the possiblities.

They are endless...buttons, feathers, ribbons, lace, silk, velvet, jewels, felt......

you get the idea. I can hardly wait to get started.

Have a great evening.

Hugs) Nerina :)
1:18 PM
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The weather today is dreary, foggy, damp
and misty.
These Lily of the Valley are the flowers I found in my garden that make
me smile today!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
5:36 PM

Happy Monday !!

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What a fantastic day out there today!!

Shipped my son off to camp about 3 hours away this morning for 3 days with his grade 7 class. Miss him already...boohoo....I'm sure he hasn't given us a second thought.

Do not over pack they said

Visited many sales this weekend, School Fair, The Pink Brigade Sale (for Breast Cancer), Church Bazaar and a couple of Garage Sales. Scored some fantastic craft items, kids books for my daughter to take to camp...(she is running the Kids Corner this summer in Halibuton at Camp Wanakita), jewelery and lots of other lip-smacking goodies.

I am so excited today as I have an interview on Wednesday for a new job....whoohoo!!
Gotta go... lots to do now,
Stay cool,
1:32 PM

Happy Friday Everyone !!

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So...Friday is finally here......whoohoo!!

Last night I played Euchre with the Girls. I did not win...but...I did not lose either.

Good times!!! Please take a look at some snippets from our host Mitch's home as well as some of the happy Euchreittes.

What a charming way to display
Martha Stewart 'FOOD' Magazine

Carol, Sam and Marian mug for the camera

Teresa and Deb

Grouping atop the powder room vanity

Black & White pics with history

Inventive decorative Bedroom boarder

Mitch's kitty enjoying the weather

Sandra, Sam, Marian and Mitch at Sam's

Mitch is holding the 'Boob'y prize

Thanks for a great evening ladies, it was a laugh as usual,

till next month.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend everyone :)

Nerina xox

2:24 PM

Summer is here !!

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Such a scrumptious day outside today.
Visions of children swimming, ice cream dripping
down your arm...30 degrees celsius...crazy for May.
It is the first really hot weather that we have had.
I guess I should get outside and soak up
the vitamin D.
Have yourselves a glorious day!!
Nerina xox
11:18 AM

Family BBQ

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Seemed like a great idea, call up everyone.... invite them over for a beautiful day. Who knew that this was the coldest day on record for this date in May and the wind velocity was insane.

Not to worry, a fun time was had by all.
Lots of great company, good food and tons of conversation.
Thanks to everyone for coming....we'll do it again soon.

So busy running around that I forgot to take out the old camera and capture the moments. A few that I took before everyone arrived, just to give you a glimpse.

Preparing Appies

Just Iced Cupcakes

Prezzies for the Ladies

Fantastic Roses from Natalie

Oh, by the way, the weather today is a balmy 20 degrees celsius, sun shining and not a lick of wind....gorgeous. Anyone up for a BBQ.

Enjoy the sunshine on this Victoria Day Holiday everyone,

Be Safe

5:18 PM

Rain Rain Go Away

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Hey there everyone,

It is raining, dreary and yucky out there today.

Works for me because I'm shopping for a family BBQ that we are hosting tomorrow. This is the perfect weather to be cooking and cleaning for a party the next day. You don't feel like you are missing anything when the rain is pelting all around you. I'm baking and am a practically a slave to the stove right now (just joking).

Can't wait until everyone arrives tomorrow and we all have a great get together.

Bye for now.....
9:43 AM

Victoria Day

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Today is the start of a long weekend in Ontario. On Monday we celebrate Victoria Day. A civic holiday named for the Canadian Monarch, presently Queen Elizabeth II.

The weather is bright, sunny and warm today. The weekend to buy all of those remaining hanging baskets, plant some annuals with no worry of frost and visit with friends that have been hibernating.

Sunshine in my Garden

Bumblebee Sweet Treats

A perfect start to a long weekend.
Enjoy Everyone,
Nerina xoxo

5:32 PM
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I am so excited...I've just joined the Very Vintage Fourth of July Swap that is being hosted by Foxgloves Fabric and Folly. More to come..

5:14 PM
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Hi there,

My name is Nerina, welcome to my world.

This is my first post and you cannot even imagine how super excited I am.

Please follow me, my comings and goings, my this and that...we can inspire each other....who knows where we will go...

Have a fantastic day !!


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