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Favorite Things

"When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

and then I don't feel so bad."

~ The Sound of Music ~

The first Biography I read in High School while taking Fashion Arts

The fashion idol Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (1883-1971) invented the modern clothing for women. At the height of the 'Belle Epoque', she took away the corsets and feathers and gave them bathing suits and sent them to the beach instead. She also introduced slacks, costume jewelry, and the exquisite, comfortable suits for women. She made the first couture perfume--No.5--which remains the most popular scent ever created.

To this day, I wear mostly black, have so many strands of pearls that I accessorize everything with them and prefer Chanel #19 or Christaille perfume to the new scents.


You know, bizillions of years ago when I was a teen, I would watch TV for most of Saturday afternoon. I'm sure you all remember the great shows, Elvis movies, classic Gene Kelly type dance extravaganzas, Opie... etc.

One day I was changing the channels (getting up from the couch and actually turning the dial by hand) and I came across this beautiful woman who was outside and she was talking about smoking turkeys in the smoke house. I'm like, what the heck....so I watched with intent. She set the most amazing table with a gorgeous assortment of dishes including mini colored glass turkey tureens at each place setting. Huge centre pieces utilizing items from her prolific garden, decorated the chairs with textiles and each guest had a place card that was so personal.

Her calm delivery of all of this entertaining bliss had me mesmerized. This hostess was non other than the domestic diva herself Martha Stewart, you know, before she became 'Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.'.

This was some 30+ years ago and I later found out, this was the first Thanksgiving special that she had recorded from Turkey Hill while still married to her ex Andrew.
She was a caterer and a very ambitious entrepreneur at that time.

So, love her or hate her...she is, who she is and everyone, regardless of your opinion of her, have been Marthafied at one time or another...no!!


Is there any better feeling than diving into a pool
That initial shock and then Euphoria

You are so free to move around, when you are under the water, you are weightless. I love nothing better than to swim around for hours, and I don't mean lengths. Diving, syncro type moves, floating on your back...it's just so liberating. Love it, really, there is no better feeling.

I do prefer pools as I like to swim with my eyes open. Lakes are refreshing, but I find I don't stay in as long and it just does not give me that same sensation!!


Well, that's it for today,

Got lots goin on and I better get off this and get to it!!

Make it a creative day, do something that makes you smile!!

Hugs xOxO

Nerina :)


  1. Nerina: I am calling all blogger angels this morning. I need your help today in prayer. Please come to my site and read the post. The next two hours are so critical for my niece. Country love and hugs, Sherry

  2. We must be twins! I too wear black most of the time, pearls are a must and I wear Chanel too, mainly Chanel No19. We are definately ladies of style!!!! LOL! X

    P.S Im a fan of Martha! X

  3. The highest compliment I was ever paid was some stranger saying that I reminded them of Coco Channel. I was stunned when I heard it because I normally think of myself as a bit of an unmade bed. It just so happened that night I was dressed to the nines with a new hairdo and a chic outfit. Of course, that was a number of pounds and years ago, but it meant a LOT. :-)

    Like you, I love Martha Stewart. I am a devotee of her products. I don't care if she's a conglomerate, I still love her. She's real and has great ideas she shares. Plus, she loves animals.

    And you and I are in total agreement that swimming pools are it! I love the beach, but I hate the sticky feel of salt. I like lakes, but they have snakes. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Dear Sweet Blogger Sisters:
    Update on Amy. She has PASSED the test. Yes, she has PASSED the test. The Dr. said her little vessels looked so good and she had such a wonderful blood flow. While the balloon was inflated she showed no signs at all of a stroke. They injected some die at the time the balloon was in there, and she is on her way for a scan of sorts to double check the brain and make sure there is no sign of a stroke. This is more or less a double check. She told Debbie, "No more tests Mom, no more tests." The Dr. said he saw no reason why she should not have the surgery, but would talk with them after this scan. Debbie did get to see Amy on her way to the next test, and she was teary eyed but glad it was over, and Praise God she PASSED. Keep up the prayers as they are so working. God Bless you, Love Sherry

  5. Ah, yes, the fasionable Coco Chanel! Did you watch the TV movie with Shirley McLaine playing Coco in her advanced hers?

    Grab your suit and come on over!!! I should enjoy our pool more . . . . . sadly I don't!

    Wonderful post as always!!


  6. A sweet post and an up-tempo beginning. We are not that familiar with Martha over here. I can understand the fascination though as when someone has their own corporation named after them, they tend to become easy pickings for the waiting press. No one bugs Trump as much, I suppose because they don't expect old Martha to do as well in the boardroom as she does in the TV Studio.

    I like your post and all water pleases me, be it in oceans or pools, let me at it.

  7. Oh...one of my all time favorites is Coco Chanel. I love these two quotes by her...

    “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

    “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

    Wonderful post you classy and fabulous girl you!


  8. Coco is a class act all the way. I love her perfume too. i agree about the swimming pools. I just love all that clear blue water. I'm guessing an ocean in the tropics that has gorgeous clear water would give you the same feeling. Unfortunately I can't speak from experience!

  9. omg, years ago I remember doing a book report on Coco Chanel! Your posts are so fun, I'm still looking at Pink Saturday- just LOVED that! You're too cute girl! xoxo love d

  10. Oh, I remember them all..., watched Grace Kelly movies..., and isn't there a movie about Coco Chanel that just aired!? Hmmmmm. And I think Martha is pretty great, although, I'm not a follower. I saw her on shows and she's got a pretty dry humor which I happen to like. And lastly, I'm an absolute water lover and I so miss it... I've been staying out of the ocean because of the jelly fish..., and the solution will be a pool in my next house!

  11. Chanel was fabulous and I love wearing my Coco Chanel perfume! I have a book about her that I have yet to finish but it's on my list! lol

  12. Love your post, beautiful pic of Coco and I'm totally in love with Martha's dog, I'm assuming it's hers. He's spectacular. I'm with you on the water, mmmm.xxx

  13. Wonderful post and have to admit I'm a Martha fan....still. My mom always used to wear Chanel No. 5. Loved it. I too have always loved her quote, "A woman should be two things, both classy and fabulous." Hope you have a great evening, I'm so glad to be back visiting!!
    ♥ Teresa

  14. love Coco....
    so sweet...and what a fun post.

  15. She is what she is - that Martha - and I like her! You always have such fabulous pictures here and I love your name, Nicnac Maniac! :)Nancy


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