a bit of this, a bit of that

Ohhh Johnny!!

Hey there,

Just thought I'd send a little boy candy
your way on this gloomy day!!

Oh Johnny!!

Alice in Wonderland coming to you March 2010

Captain Jack

Sweeney Todd

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Who could forget Edward Scissorhands

The intellectual

The badboy

The romantic

Have a Thankful Thursday everyone!!

Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)


  1. He is so amazing. Great talent and neat as can be...


    Sheila :-)

  2. EYE CANDY is right!!!! I can't wait to see his latest movie!! Thanks for the YUMMY post!!! It's 90 some here and it just got 10 degrees hotter, LOL!! Hugs, Marsha

  3. You sure do know how to cheer a girl up! Yumalicious! I love me some Johnny! I'm going to go stick my head in the freezer now...I'm suddenly feeling a bit hot!!!


  4. Definitely a "sweet treat". LOL!
    ♥ Teresa

  5. oh yea BaBy!!!Gimme some of that!lol
    I can't wait for Alice next March! xOxO

  6. Ok. This has to be handsdown the best blog post of the day! YUM!!!! This man is BEYOND talented. I cant WAIT to see him as the Mad Hatter!!! Thanks for the lovely man eye candy! tee! hee! XO,Jenn

  7. Not my type (I prefer blonde/blue eyes) but he is still oh so pretty.

  8. Eye candy indeed...what is it about this guy?
    I love that intellectual look,great post,have a great evening.

  9. I'll take one of each Johnny and two of the last one!!! Thanks for giving me the sweet eye candy!

  10. Ooh thanks that was sweeeeeet.......I m not sure which one i like the most.. prob?...mmmm toss up romantic or badboy???

  11. Ahhhhhhh .... good morning Johnny,{snuggle -snuggle}

    Thanks Nerina for arranging waking up with Johnny this morning ... nice surprice, think I'll stay in bed a 'lil longer ; )


  12. Nerina! Gotta love Johnny Depp (all the way back to 21 Jump Street). They filmed parts of "Public Enemies" in Milwaukee and were at the apartment building next to ours for a few days. Never did get an actual glimpse of him though. -sigh- I am counting down the days to Alice in Wonderland (really, I have a countdown timer on my blog). Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. What is it about him? Oh, yeah, he's HOT-T-T! And he isn't even my type! LOL! Thanks for making me drool! xoxo L.

  14. Oh, how did you manage to get so many photo's of my boyfriend!!!!

    lol, have a great weekend.
    xxx DJ


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