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Hair Accessories and Flowers

Today is dark and dreary around here.
The temperature is cool and the rain is looming.
We want some sunshine, but, when it comes it
is like 100 degrees.
All or nothing!!
Take a look at these cute little hairpins,
I made these for a Hair Accessories swap
We make six items, send them in and we recieve
6 different ones in return.
If you have time pop on over to Heather's place and give it a look see!!

Button Hair pins

All dressed up

Wrapped and ready to go

I thought that I would show you a couple of the flowers
that are in my garden trying to survive
in the frigid one minute, swealtering the next
climate of our Summer 2009

Baskets on the porch

The gate to the backyard

Gerbera and Ivy

Hosta on steroids


Baskets in the trees


Basket of Sunshine

Thank you to all of you that have made comments
in the past couple of days.
Your support is wonderful and it just
lifts my spirits to a whole new level.
All of you out there in blogland
(you know who you are) should
pat yourselves on the back for bringing
sunshine into each others lives everyday!!
Have a fantastic day!!
Hugs, Nerina :)


  1. Wow, Nerina, what a beautiful garden you have!! Love the hairpins! :) Marsha

  2. Hi Nerina,

    You are so clever! Love your hairpins! Your garden is so lovely and colorful! I'm sending some California sunshine your way!!


  3. Nerina, those are some beautiful flowers (I laughed at the hosta on steroids!), and you have such cute hair accesories for your swap.

    Let's hope the summer climate improves for all of us! I'm looking forward to fall...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Nernia
    Your garden sure is growing well in-spite of the cool temperatures.
    Pretty garden, and I really like those pins, my granddaughter would looks sweet with those in her curly locks.

  5. Wow you made those, really cute.

    I just love your garden the peonies are my favorites.xx

  6. what a pretty garden and look at that hosta!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog too. =] I also take part in swaps from time to time. Looks like fun. Great pins!

  8. Your hairpins are darling! Your weather sounds like ours - it's been a weird summer weather wise. The flowers in your garden look much better than mine. Too much rain and then scorching hot!

  9. Your flowers look beautiful, regardless of the weather! The little hair pins are cute too. I wear pins a lot to hold back my bangs, these would be fun for a change!

  10. Those are adorable!! Great job!!! My daughter made a bunch of these last summer and loves wearing them. The recipient of your swap is going to love those!!! Beautiful flowers too!
    ♥ Teresa

  11. Those are beautiful flowers and I love that gate. Thank you for always leaving nice comments and for brightening my day.


  12. Hi sweetie!

    What a beautiful garden!!! Everything is dying here in Houston...we haven't seen rain in over 2 months!!! with heat index of over 106 every day!! LOVE those hairpins and the packaging finishes them with just the right lovin' touch!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment and love! xo...deb

  13. We don't seem to get any summer here in the North East! Your beautiful flowers and plants seem to be doing well after all, right.

  14. You've been taggeD hun, so fess up like I had to! LOL

  15. Your hairpins turned out fantastic! I'm interested to see what you get back. What a gorgeous garden you have.


I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a message. Your comments and emails truly make my day fantastic, thanks for stopping by, see you again soon:)


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