Sensational Sunday

I can't think of a better way

to spend my Sunday afternoon

than taking a stroll through the

streets of Paris and catching

a glimpse of Parisian life.

Have a Sensational Sunday!!

xOxO, Nerina :)


  1. ahh, Bonjour mon amie!
    That was a great trip to Paris, and since I'll probably never get there in my lifetime, merci!
    Au revoir bff!

  2. I'm swooning and drooling over these fabulous photos! I'm packing my bags...want to tag along?!


  3. Oh Nerina!
    My sister and I both have always dreamed of going to Paris. I am so blessed this day for your stroll. It is so beautiful. The flowers looked so beautiful, the pastries, the shop windows, the little side streets. So magical, and I love the architecture. Oh my how beautiful. I think you should make Sunday your Parisian strolls. I so loved this post. Thank you for sharing with me. Country Love and Hugs, Sherry

  4. Definitely sensational! Oo la la!

  5. Beautiful stroll on this lazy Sunday!!! I dream of one day walking those streets and breathing that air!!! Have a beautiful day!
    ♥ Teresa

  6. I want to go too! These pictures are amazing! They really paint the picture of Paris. Have a glorious Sunday, even if you AREN'T in Paris!

  7. Bon jour! When are we leaving for your trip to Paris?! Fantastique photos!!! Hugs, Marsha

  8. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Makes me want to dust off my under-used passport and book a flight to Paris!

  9. Oh me too, can I come?

    Just lovely pic's my dear, oh well maybe one day.


  10. Dear Nerina!

    First of all, I hope you had a great weekend! I'm still recovering from my first Xmas in July Blog Party and my giveaway (deadline for random draw on July 31st!)

    Have enjoyed my visit to your gorgeous site and beautiful pics of Paris! Was lucky enough to spend a few days there last Spring - superb!

    Hope you have a wonderful week,

    xxLOL LOLA:)

  11. Lovely! You are the winner of my giveaway for one item from my etsy store! livinonthefringe is the place to look! The only thing I cannot send to Canada are the heavy items which I think is only the racks. Let me know what you would like and email an address. Thanks so much for visiting me.

  12. what gorgeous photos....I have never been but the photos make me want to visit! :) thanks for sharing this!

  13. Oh, the lovely photos and the amazing place. Thank you for taking us with you in your camera...

  14. Hello Nerina,
    The pictures are just gorgeous!!! I love the window display of the boutique you pictured. Everything is just breathtakingly beautiful!!!

    Have a great week,

  15. Wow! Those pictures are breathtaking! Loved the tour! Also had to say I am a HUGE aqua fan... think it's my favorite too!

  16. WOW Nerina, I enjoyed taking a stroll with you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos, and wish I could be in Paris right now ~ Oh, the shopping I would do!! Hope you have a beautiful week my friend! xoxo

  17. Oh how I want to go now!!!! Lovely images...lovely BLOG...thank you for leaving a comment on mine. I am so so glad you did. I am off to visit some of your past posts with my tea in hand....i just caught a bit of the aqua so lovely...I could stare at the color all day long!!!! I have to stop using it around the house so much....on second thought why should I .....I love that makes me happy....will be back!

  18. Now that would be a sensational Sunday....but every Sunday can't be in Paris so these pics are a lovely reminder, xv.

  19. Nerina,
    What a fun post. Who wouldn't want to take a stroll through Paris??? Your blog is lovely!
    Have a blessed day!

  20. I adore Paris, rain or shine. Thank you for the beautiful memory, even your pictures of the Tower are original viewpoints.

    I especially like the little shops, including the bakery, pardon me, boulangerie, the walk along the banks of the river and just the overall chicness and history of it. Well captured Nerina.


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