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I hope that there are good weekends in store for you all. It seems that I have been very busy over the last couple of weeks and have been accomplishing so much. (yea!)

Those of you that know me well, know I love to dance, unfortunately I cannot dance like this

Ballroom, so beautiful to watch...you know there is always

the couple at weddings, that are waltzing

around the dance floor to the delite of other guests

Flamenco, if you have not been to a

Flamenco show...you must go...the energy is incredible

The Rumba

Ohh the Argentine Tango or the Paso Doble

Now this, I can do, although it can be pretty crazy

and very fast and frantic, still fun though

Happy Happy Friday, Friends !!

Nerina :)


  1. You're so cute! I'm a Dancing with the Stars addict, so I can relate! You have a great weekend! And thank you for your very sweet comment! xoxoxo deb

  2. I just found your blog and so glad I did. It is funny that the first post I read is about dancing. My husband and I own a dance studio where we teach ballet, tap, jazz and musical theatre. We also love to dance but can not dance together.....we fight over who is going to lead!!!

  3. My sister and her husband are Jazz dancers, and teachers.I love to watch them dance, she buys these old time dresses that swirl alomst to her shoulders as she spins around with her hubby. My sister trys to teach me how to dance..alas I have 2 left feet.
    Love your pictures,I'll tell my sister to come visit.


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