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Favorite Paint Colors

I've joined the my Favorite Paint Color tour at 320 Sycamore today.

These are my favorite paint colors at the moment although I am ready for a change as most of them have been with us for a while. I chose the colors to flow from room to room although it is really difficult to see the true colors because of the sun shining outside (yeah).
This is the landing for our staircase. This gorgeous wheat color is also the same in our foyer. It is a warm color and compliments most of the decorations thoroughout the year.

It is quite difficult to chose the right shade for most rooms. I chose the blue for our living room from the cork label from my favorite wine. It was just a really soothing blue that makes you feel really comfortable and now that we have new furniture in this room we will have to change the color to compliment it a little better, perhaps a lighter shade in the same family or something altogether different. Most of our furniture is quite dark or black and I would just like to lighten things up a bit in here.

The kitchen is a butter yellow. It just reminds me of sunshine and was recently painted so I think that we will keep it for a while. I love this color and possibly would like to paint our bedroom a similiar shade.
My daughter chose the deep pink for her bathroom using the shower curtain for inspiration. It is a room that wakes you up the minute you walk in. It is fantastic for a bathroom or very inspirational for a craft studio.

Our family room has a lighter shade of blue and it is much more calming than the living room. We do spend a lot of time there and it is very relaxing. I think that I am going to go for much lighter colors this time around as I am just feeling like this is where I want to go with my decorating.

This vibrant teal is in my sons bedroom. He would like to paint his room red or black or a combination of both. I have been putting it off for a while now, but as summer is right around the corner, I think I will have to cave and come up with a tasteful combination.

Thank you for coming to the Paint Party!!
I hope you enjoyed my color rantings and hope you come back and visit again soon to see the room transformations.

Have a terrific evening !!
Nerina :)


  1. Nerina, we're so in-sync. I was just looking at the paint tour yesterday. :-) Mmm, maybe I'll do a paint color post, and I can get some other point so view. :-)

  2. It's a sure sign of 'spring fever' when you want to paint everything and freshen up! fma


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