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Oh Happy Day !!

How are we all doin today!!

Found some lovely cushions during my 
blog browsing this morning.

As the weekend approaches maybe you are thinking....gheesh....what could I buy...well, why don't you check out Scrappy Jessi and see all of the fantastic items that she loves this month. I'm sure you will find something that you will also love ....fashion, food and convenience all in one spot...she's awesome !!

Take a look at this delightful grouping of Chanel inspired goodies that I found on My Romantic Home where she was featured at a local store called Vintage and Vogue. Check it out, this store is really charming, wish it was closer to me, maybe not, I would be there every week.

That's it for me today, just finishing up on some things before the weekend...whoohoo!!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
Nerina )


  1. Thanks for linking back to me! All that black from Vintage and Vogue looks great on your blog! I can see why you like it! It's such a great shop!

  2. I love those pillows, I am on the hunt for a vintage flour sack pillow. I will have to go over and visit Cindy's blog. Have a great Friday. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.


  3. Thanks for stopping by...Love your Blog!!!

    About The pillow that is featurd can you give the info. I believe she e-mail me about her pillows and accidently deleted the e-mail.
    Thanks so much!!!!


I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a message. Your comments and emails truly make my day fantastic, thanks for stopping by, see you again soon:)


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