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Sensational Sunday !!

Thank you to all of the wonderful new friends that took
the time to visit me yesterday !!

Finally... today the sun is doing what it does best

and the temperature is where is should be !!


a little parasailing would be fun

how about rock climbing

or if that is a little to adventurous, flea market grazing

or perhaps,

riding the trails

a little group waterskiing

take the family mini-golfing

or if you prefer.... grab a great book or magazine
and just kick back

whatever you choose to enjoy today...really enjoy it !!

Nerina :)

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Nerina!

    Ahhhh.....thanks so much for your visit. :-)

    Looks like sunshine is going to be the order of the day! If you look closely at the water skiing gals........I'm the second one on the right! Who would have thought I'd have made it into someone's bloggie! Ok....just kidding. I don't see ANY waterskiing in my future!....just wishful thinking.

    Wonderful post.....could you ever parasail? Way too scary for this old girl.



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