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Vintage Black Friday & Margaret Atwood


Thank you to Jill at Gypsy Brocante for coming
up with this fun idea to show off our
Vintage Black goodies with the premiere today,
running every Friday until November 27th.

Love this 40s British Bakelite Telephone
from retrophones.wordpress.com

Gorgeous Black Typewriter key ring
from magnifeco.com

How adorable is this
Schreiner Vintage Black Rhinestone pin
from Kitchy-Kitchy-coo.com

Please visit Jill and
enjoy all of the Vintage Black Friday eye candy.


Margaret Atwood’s Year of the Flood evening was a sell-out, and whether people were there because they loved her writing, or because they thought it sounded like a good show, there was no cause for disappointment on either count.

The book launch was a prelude to the 30th anniversary of the International Festival of Authors being held at Harbourfront Centre, October 21 - 21, 2009

To say this was a run of the mill book launch would be completely off base. This was a dramatic and wonderful musical presentation, doubling as a fund raising event for Nature Canada.

The Year of The Flood brings us back to the world Atwood introduced in Oryx and Crake, widely acknowledged as a masterwork of speculative fiction. It’s a world where most of the human race has been killed off by a pandemic; where the few people left scrabble for survival in a dystopian wasteland overrun with freakish genetically engineered animals and patrolled by the company soldiers of CorpSeCorps. Most of all, it’s a world where a homespun religious cult called God’s Gardeners farm rooftops and sing hymns about holy pollination, vegetarianism and the preservation of species.

These hymns were set to music by California composer Orville Stoeber and they marked the beginning of the performance. You heard the singers before you saw them, filing slowly into the centre of the Cathedral. The choir delivered Atwood’s hymns with their gentle melodies and simple harmonies in a straightforward and humble manner befitting God’s Gardeners.

The real stars of the performance were the wonderfully talented and versatile actors who read the parts of main characters Adam One (David Ferry), Toby (Susan Coyne) and Ren (Michelle Monteith) They had a challenging task: the dramatic reading of whole passages fully embodying their character while also filling in as several secondary characters. But they held the whole cathedral transfixed; the narrative spell was never broken. The readings were linked by Atwood’s elegant summaries of the background action, so the audience were able to understand the wider sweep of action in the book.

Still, at evening’s end, when all were invited to stand and join in singing a farewell hymn, several questions remained tantalizingly unanswered. There can’t be many people there last night who won’t be seeking out The Year of The Flood sooner or later.

It was a fantastic evening!!

I am off to cheer my son on during
the 'Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research'

Happy Friday!!

xOxO Hugs, Nerina :)



  1. Love the phone!! Love black and love margaret Atwood she wrote the Blind assassin One of my top 10 fac. books

  2. Black and blue are my favorite colors. but not in that combination.

  3. oh no, Kitchy Kitchy coo sounds like my kind of place! yikes!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have fun at the run-- love ya BFF,

  4. So good to be home and back reading the blogs I enjoy and have missed! The evening with Margaret Atwood sounds awesome. I've read most of her books and it sounds like this is one I should pick up. You black finds are great, too. I love the phone. I remember when that was pretty much the ONLY phone available and that you had to dial with a pencil or pen, but I would love, love, love to have one now. And not a fake one with push buttons. The real McCoy only. Now I'm off to check your posts I missed by being gone.

  5. This is the 3rd phone....I am getting so jealous. I have to have a black phone!!!!!

    Happy BLACK Friday!

  6. We're both showing vintage black telephones today! Happy Vintage Black Friday!

  7. A bakelite phone?...who knew?...and black rhinestones?...hands down FAVORITE, classy!
    Thank you for coming to vintage black Friday, have an awesome weekend!!


  8. Hello Nerina!

    Lovely black phone, I would love a collection of them! I'm always amazed at how heavy they are.

    Glad you had a wonderful evening at the Margaret Atwood event.

    Have a wonderful weekend and big hugs!

  9. oooo, black, another eye candy, love the phone, things were so much better in the old days, have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Hello Nerina, glad you had a lovely evening, one to remember I am sure... I adore the black phone! You are alot younger than I am, we had those kind only when I was growing up! Wish I owned one now!!! Bisous... Julie Marie

  11. LOVE the phone. Great blacks you found!

  12. I
    And the reading sounds AMAZING!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. I love your phone! I can remember as a kid my great grandmother having a phone like that. Remember the rotary phones? Then if you messed up having to start all over again!!!!

  14. I'd love to have been there just so I could run my fingers through Margaret's hair! But, that's just me.

  15. Hi Nerena
    Just dropping in, and catching up on your beautiful blog.
    So glad the evening was a huge success. It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.
    I was in Windsor for the Terry Fox Run... so many people along the trail by the river.
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  16. What fabulous vintage items. I am so inpired and off to sign up for a spot on Vintage black Fridays myself! I have quite a few things to trot out and share! Happy weekend.

  17. Oh that sounds totally fantastic, wish I could have been there.

    Hope your weekend is going great,

  18. Its really looking beautifulall this vintage collection.If this will sell in Black Friday 2009 then it will sold very earlier.


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