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Fitness Friday !!

Happy Friday Everyone !!

The workweek is finally over
and all you want to do is grab something to eat,
a little something to wet your palate and
head for the couch to catch
a bit of Friday Night Television...

Well......that was last Friday ........

This is the new you

Okay, not that kind of Boot Camp

How much fun does this look!!

The weather is fantastic...get outside

Grab your friends, twist their arms (don't hurt them)

Roll out your mat and head for the beach
to stretch those tired muscles

Grab a bike and take to the open road

Knock on your neighbours door and
challenge them to a game of Tennis

Just get off the couch people...I mean
once you've finished reading this of course!!

The most beneficial change you can make in your life today
is to Move More...that's all,


Your whole body will thank you,
maybe not today or tomorrow...but it will!!

Your Heart will be Stronger,
you'll have More Energy,
your Cheeks will be more Rosy and
you will Sleep Better.....
...not to mention how 'HOT' you will be
with your new bod!!

Now go...that's right you.....go walk the dog,
play with the kids....do something fun!!

Happy Friday !!

xOxO Nerina :)



  1. Hi Nerina, Jack and I walk 2 1/2 to 3 miles a day... that's it for me! Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. U are soooooooooooooooo INSPIRING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Well, sadly, I'm not very diligent about exercising and as you read my comment on Karyn's blog, LOL, you know the result, LOL

    But I do enjoy Yoga. I should get back into that again, wanna come with me?


  4. That is exactly what I need to do, seriously it's been a long winter.

  5. Okay...okay...I promise to spend lots of time outdoors...painting, gardening and enjoying the beautiful weather.

  6. I think that I am getting closer to actually considering exercise without dread. Maybe it is age that is making it seem a little less awful... :)

  7. I really should 'get moving' even if I walk in the other room & jump on that exercise bike I guess. Ahhhhh maybe later maybe...At the moment I 'll 'work it off' doing the house work LOL Love your post!

  8. But, I'm already exhausted from reading your post! I had a good strong MENTAL workout!

  9. People wonder why I walk so much. I think it is just because I like to be moving. I look at everything as 'exercise.' Carrying bags from the car, taking the garbage out, doing laundry, all of it is moving and adding to my overall health. Do I get lazy sometimes? Of course, but for the most part I love being active.

  10. A valuable post on fitness.

    Karim - Mind Power


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