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Wordless Wednesday ~ Paris Fashion Week


Givenchy Fall 2009

Visit Heather for more!!

Have a Fabulous day !!
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  1. Wow, those are stunning! But since I usually just go to TJ Maxx or somewhere like that, I doubt that I would wear those! Love the colors though... Julie Marie

  2. It's always fun to see how I COULD dress if only I wanted to. Or if I had some place to wear it. Instead, I just wear my skorts and flip flops and work at home.

  3. they all have the same expression...oh i wish i could eat..lol

  4. Very chich. Did you notice they all seem to be very retro with a new spin. They remind me of the dresses from the 30's (which I love) underneath all the fluff (too much for me). It's crazy how they throw the super wild out there. I can't even imagine Paris wearing the lace with blue should pads and whats up with the skirt/bodice attachment being made lopsided. Hee-hee. Well I don't have to worry about fashion at my house unfortunately.
    Thanks for sharing...Tracy :)

  5. You always have the most interesting posts! While I could never get away with wearing any of these designs, it is always so much fun to drool over them. Thanks for sharing! xoxo L

  6. Haute Couture is way better than AVAUNT GARD.
    But none of that stuff would go with my leather jacket.

  7. These runway shows are so amazing, but how many of those looks could you actually wear in your daily life? I counted about 3. It's fun to dream about though! Have a great day!

  8. That's a busy runway :) Thanks for sharing these with us for WW.

  9. The talent is just amazing, great choices there sweetie.

  10. Most of it is beautiful but I'm not ready for shoulder pads to come back especially if the are blue and show through the dress! tee-hee



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