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Happy Vintage Black Friday !!

Happy Vintage Black Friday Friends!!!
Thanks so much for dropping by
my little space on this world wide web
Please visit Jill at 'Gypsy Brocante'
our lovely hostess for more VBF inspiration
Most of us grew up with music in our homes
My parents used to go dancing back in the day
they would put on the fancy clothes and cut a rug.
The images on Vintage sheet music are lively and fun

Good old Frank....no wonder the women swooned

Don't you just love the stole and the fabulous hat

This skirt is so amazing, I just picture her swirling

We all remember this song, the blackface makeup
was quite a popular image for stage
in the late 1800s

The tap shoes with the bows and the hot pants are to die for

The musical icon....Irving Berlin

I thought this was appropo for this little party

I see this and almost feel my body sway

A little creativity and preservation for

all of these fabulous treasures

The famous RCA Victor label, did you notice that

most of the record labels of yesteryear were black

with Gold illustration!

Have a fantastic Vintage Black Friday Friends!!
Hugs Nerina xOxO


  1. Hi girlfriend! You and I were on the same wave length today!!! I can still hear the crackling while playing those 78s and LPs . . . . And I totally remember those little plastic center pieces for the 45s!! My portable record player had a solid round piece so I didn't need to use them when I played them on my portable player :)

    And remember stacking the LPs and you could hear it click, click as the next one dropped and began to play . . . ah, memories!!

    Have a wonderful evening!

    P.S. I love your name, it's unique and very pretty!


  2. Nerina, I love old sheet music, and I also love old records. Neat post!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Fabulous post, VBF girl, I love some of those covers, especially Frank's.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. Oh Nerina...
    What a wonderful post today. I love my 45's, and yes I have a turntable and I still play them. I have a vary large collection. I remember putting a large stack on, going off to clean and listening to the music. Made my work go by so much faster. I loved it.

    You always have such a wonderful post. I so enjoyed my visit today. Thank you for sharing. As always please stop by for a visit. I so love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

  5. what a great post! I love old sheet music just can never find any in NY. Beautiful covers...Grace

  6. Oh Nerina ... you had me at 'in a little gypsy tea room' ... : ) .... seriously, these are all great, you put so much thought into your VBF post! You mentioned the skirt on Dolly ... I'll take the whole outfit, very fun and flirty!



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