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Happy Vintage Christmas Monday !!

I've taken the plunge
and decided to join a party
named Vintage Christmas Monday thrown by
our hostess Joan at 'anything goes here'.
Who can resist a Christmas Party,
nevermind one full of nostalgia.
Please visit the sidebar of Joan's world
for all of the party guests!!
These absolutely gorgeous
Vintage Christmas ornaments
were in my husband's family
for as long as he can remember.

I love the simple graphics on the boxes

This poor box has seen better days

Because of my bad camera you cannot
see the detail and all of the
gorgeous glitter on the white spaces

Can't wait to get our tree, because we use a real tree,

it will be about 2 more weeks, so I can finally use these beauties

These two are my favorite.

The patina on the pretty pink heart melts mine.

The long shape of the red ornament

is so pretty with the sparkle!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a fantastic week friends!!
Big Hugs xOxO Nerina :)


  1. Oh, I remember these ornaments!! I wish I had my aunt's. She loved Christmas so much. She used to have a large Putz house collection as well.

    What love treasures to decorate your tree! We succumbed to a pre-lit fake tree three years ago but I miss the smell of a fresh one!

    Have a wonderful day, dear friend.


  2. I'll need to check out that "anything goes" party!

  3. Hello Nerina... oooh your ornaments are so beautiful and how special they have been in the family...indents are so very pretty... maybe you already know this, maybe not, the white spaces you are talking about are called "mica"... I too love the boxes they came in, they are a treasure in themselves! Happy Vintage Christmas Monday! Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. A really nice group of Vintage ornaments. You are very lucky that they came to you!!!! Love the little heart in the last photo.

    I too love the boxes with their old fashioned graphics! xo Joan

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love love love love love boxes and ornaments like these!!!! **sigh** pure beauty! Can't wait to see your tree! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Hi Nerina,

    You bring back such fond memories for me with these lovely ornaments! My grandmother had ornaments in these same boxes! I'm with you the heart ornament it's divine.

    Thanks for sharing your treasures with us and for bringing back a cherished memory!!

    Love and hugs,

  7. Those ornaments are the best! I just love them!

  8. What a lovely assortment you have of these beauties. Have a great Vintage Monday...kulie

  9. Love those old vintage ornaments. Years ago I had a box.... sitting on the floor and a little girl I was babysitting (she was only 2) sat on them.. Thankfully she was still in diapers and did not feel the broken glass. funny memorie for me.. but wish I still had those bulbs.

  10. Those boxes sure are great! Almost as pretty as what's in them. I've started looking at boxes a little differently lately, and have even started collecting them. Can't wait to see your tree with all of those gorgeous ornaments on it!
    Happy VCM!

  11. Nerina,
    Those look very much like the ornaments that hung on the trees of my youth. I did not attend the dividing up the goodies party when my mother passed away. So I have no idea where hers went. But I really enjoyed seeing yours. Have a Joyous Christmas.

  12. Those are similar to some we had as a child, Nerina. I do love the graphics on the box and the color and design of the ornies. NEAT! You hit the jackpot!


    Sheila :-)

  13. Boxes of old ornaments make my heart beat a little faster...they are all so pretty and unique...can't wait to get my tree up and decorated now.

  14. I love all of those old ornaments. They'll be perfect on your tree. We had a bunch in our family and I'm not sure where they've gone...perhaps one of my sisters has them.

  15. Oh these vintage tree Christmas balls are amazing..you lucky girl to have them. Happy December to you!

  16. Still making my way around!! I love the little "sugared" ornaments, like little snowballs. Also the heart ornament looks so delicate and fragile, a real treasure. Thanks for sharing. Judi

  17. Oh yes, I agree the pink heart is sweet! In fact doesn't the whole box remind you of sugared candy? Kinda?


  18. Wonderful ornaments. I love the hear shaped one!


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