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Remembrance Day !!


Wherever you are in Toronto
on November 11th at 11am,
take the time and observe
a moment of reflection for
the men and women that help
to preserve our way of life
as well as freedoms of allies throughout the world.

Remembrance Day is not just about people
from wars of the past.
It's about men and women of our communities
that have made ultimate sacrifices for the greater good.
It is also about appreciation for the work
that they do today and every day
to ensure that we all enjoy
the special life we all have in Canada
Thank you all !!
Nerina XOxO


  1. Lovely post, Nerina. I learned something new today. Veterans Days here in the U.S. was originally called Armistice Day (which I knew that) but what I didn't know was at 11 o'clock we also were/are to stop and remember those who have sacrificed for us. So at 11 o'clock I shall do that.

    Thank you for stopping by today! I've missed you!


  2. Hello Nerina, thank you for your beautiful post about Remembrance Day... I will think about all of the special men and women in Canada too and their sacrifices for all of our peace and safety... love to you... xoxo Juie Marie

  3. what a great post, you are so right we need to take time to remember

  4. A day to remember...thank you for this..and a great big thank you for your well wishes you left on my blog the other day....stay healthy..this flu bug just does like to make it self at home.

  5. My browser security kept me from commenting this until I fingered it out. I have spent time in Esquimalt with the Canadian Navy. Aboard the HMCS Algonquin (DDG 283) and I must tell you they were a wonderful bunch of guys.


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