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Christmas Dinner Memories


We went to my Sister and Brother-in-Law's home for Christmas Cheer this year!

Each year we alternate between my brothers and sisters homes, 6 in all.

We are fortunate that we all live in the same city except one sister who lives in Boston, she has 3 adorable little girlies and I think this is the first year that they have not made it to Toronto for the Holidays!!
Recently Chris moved to Miami and flew in for the festivites as well.

To follow are some random shots, you know, when you thought to pick up the camera, did not get any of the the dancing, gift exchanges, crazy time, gifts first distributed to each person, they piled and opened, wrapping everwhere...screams of...look at this...thanks you's...hysteria!!

This is one shot of my nephew Jordan,
my daughter Kirsten, my niece Lexie, and
hey...who is that ruining the shot from the back

....that's right...that's me just passin through!!

Brother Eric and nephew Marc...chillin

My brother Eric and his son David....hey...is that me again

Omi emparting wisdom to my brother Greg

Some dessert...yummy!!!

This trifle was to die for

My brother Greg and sister Norma

This is Tim, my other half catching some sports no doubt

Sister-in-law Faye and brother Eric

Daughter Kirsten and cousin Richard

My brother Rod

My Mom, nephew Chris and Kirsten

More cousins

Omi, my Mom, my Sister-in-law and movie buddy - Michele

Chris his Omi and my nephew Richard


Thank you Norma, Colin, Marc
and Natalie...we had a ball!!!


These are just a few of the people in my life
that make me smile, cry and laugh out loud!!


Tonight we are getting together at
Michele and Rod's for a
couple of drinks and
(what the heck) some more holiday cheer!!


I hope that your time spent
with family and friends was as enjoyable as mine!
Till next year....oohh...that's
just around the corner.
Have you thought of some things to
add to your
be more joyful list for 2010,
don't be shy....share them with me!!
Big Hugs xOxO


  1. Hey BFF, your pics aren't showing up? Maybe one of these days when you're in Boston, we'll fly out to see my in-laws there and we can actually meet up!!!!!!!!!! That would be awesome, we cah shop till we drop! Happy New Year! xOxO

  2. Ahhh, it looks like you guys had such a nice time!
    What beautiful family pictures, and you're such a cutie BFF!!!!!! Stay well, and thank you again for all the love you leave me! xOxO

  3. Oh, Nerina, it looks like you have a FUN family! Your brohter Eric seems like a kick! Now we know why you are the life of the party!

    Your daughter is beautiful, well, your whole family is!!

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us!!


  4. What great pictures, it looks like your wonderful family had a blast together!! Enjoy your celebrations tonight too girlie girl!!
    ♥ Teresa

  5. You have a beautiful family! It looks like you all really enjoyed yourself. We had similar issues with "unwanteds" popping up when you were trying to take a picture, usually it was someones hiney that ruined the shot though!

  6. awwww such awesome photos!!!! I love the one of you in the back being crazy! lol
    the food looks amazing, too!
    Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  7. Loved seeing your family pics, and Nerina, your mother looks so YOUNG! Now, I know where you get your good looks! Are there five children in your family? I think that's so neat to have so many brothers and a sister, too. We had girls, and my aunt had boys... but we were like brothers and sisters we were so close. Glad it was fun. I'm funned out. LOL! I'm taking a blog break to rest.


    Sheila :-)

  8. What a fantastic holiday it looks like you had. How nice to have (most of) the family all together. Wishing all of you the best in the new year!


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