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Pink Saturday Fav Decorations!!


Welcome to Pink Saturday friends!!


My gosh this week has just flown by,






add to that,

the fact that I am stuffed up, coughing,

and just barely existing in a fog !!


I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner.

For our Pink Saturday challenge this week,

our Hostess with the Mostess,

would like us to share our favorite Christmas Decoration.

Please pop on over to Beverly's world

and see lots of Christmas Love

In my home it really does not completely

feel like Christmas until the tree is up

(we are getting it tomorrow)....since we have a real tree,

we cannot put it up too early because of the heat,

it dries up in no time,

regardless of how much you water it.


These are a few of the little characters

that fill the corners of our home

to let you know that Christmas is on the way

Love this How the Grinch Stole Christmas Lavalamp.

Instead of Lava it is filled with sparkles

and when you lower the lights,

it fills the room with glitter

The grin on this guy climbing

the toy mountain shows

that he really is up to something

Can you tell we love this movie!

When you push the red button,

his body dances

and he sings

'You're a mean one...Mr. Grinch'

I truly cannot remember

who in my family gave me this,

was it my sister in law or my sister, anyway,

I really like the tin heart and the painted LOVE

and the overall feel of the little wooden angel.

If you look closely you can see

my daughter on Santa's knee about 16 years ago,

the other photo is my son taken many years ago as well.

Our little countdown

Snowman in the front entryway..

..taken yesterday...

...now it's only 13 days....whoohoo!!!


Thank you for visiting today.

..be safe..have fun this weekend..

...doing whatever

brings you JOY at this time of year!!!!


Warm Hugs xOxO



  1. Oh, Nerina, I'm LOVING all your decorations!!! We have a Santa that jiggles as he dances to Run Run Rudolph!

    I was laughing so hard when you said Mr. Potato Head and Betty Boop, a match made in heaven! Richard said, why are you laughing, and I told him about the post and your comment. Yep, they make a good couple!

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


  2. I love the Grinch, good luck finding your tree!

  3. Oh, I love it your Grinches, Nerina! LOL! They are so cute!

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Happy Pink Saturday Nerina...
    I love your Mr. Grinch decorations. Who can not love him. I love the story, just love it. Thanks for sharing. I have never seen a lava lamp in characters, and I love it.

    You little angel with the tin heart is so heartwarming, nad I love your countdown chalk board. I have a little Santa I bought at Hallmark a couple of years ago, and it has two little blocks that you turn to the different numbers. The grandkids love being here and getting to change the days until Christmas. Our oldest grand daughter will be 14 on Christmas Day.

    Thanks again for sharing sweetie. I can't wait to see your tree. Don't forget to post it.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  5. Hope you'll soon be over that cough and feeling fit as a fiddle for Christmas activities. I don't have my tree up yet --hope to soon.

  6. We don't need elaborate decorations or a big tree or numerous gifts under a tree. All any of us needs is to carry the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and to share it all year long with everyone we meet.

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me today. Yes, I'm crazy about ♥PINK♥ but I'm also devoted to visiting some of the nicest blogs in cyberspace.

    Hoping your weekend is filled with peace.

  7. Hi sweetie!

    Thanks for playin' again this year in the Yaya's Christmas give aways! :) Can't wait to see your tree all done up! xo...deb

  8. You are way ahead of me! I need to get with an get to decorating!!!!!

    m ^..^

  9. I love the Grinch, too! Hope you got your tree and it is all decorated up! Since I have no real space for a tree and am too lazy (sort of) to put up one of my own, I must live vicariously through everyone who does get a tree and who takes the time to decorate their home. Can't wait to see yours!


    P.S. Hope your fog is lifting!

  10. Oh yes the countdown is on! What a sweet little post here. I hope you're feeling better and that awful cold is on the way out. Happy holidays!

  11. Hi Nerina! I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner now either! Thank you so much for coming over and leaving your very sweet comment about my garland. Have a great week and a very Merry Christmas!

    My Desert Cottage

  12. Hey BFF~ What cute photos! I love your decorations!!!!!!! I want the grinch lava lamp, too cute! Well you better feel better soon- being sick is no fun, especially now! Too much shopping to do! (Although there is always the internet!!! Nothing will stop us divas!)
    lots of love, deb

  13. Hi Nerina!
    Unsure if gremlin's struck & my comment didn't get published! Here goes again just in case!:

    Just briefly stopping by with my very best wishes for Xmas and the New Year! Can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you & your terrific posts since my last visit - but hope to see you very soon back at my place where I’ve just posted my latest Christmas Lola Lifeline! All the best & see you again soon!
    xxxLOL LOLA:)


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