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Merry Merry Pink Saturday !!


Six more sleeps !!!!


For our Pink Saturday challenge this week,
our lovely Hostess
Beverly from 'How Sweet the Sound'
would like us to share
our favorite Christmas memory.
Please pop on over to
Beverly's world
and share in the many Christmas memories,
It might spark a few
that were buried
and you forgot the joy they brought.

December 1st each year my Mother would always bring out the Advent Calendars. We had many varieties over the years and they were filled with so many goodies. The ones that I remember most were the traditional little cardboard pictures with the numbered windows and you open them to reveal a chocolate hidden inside. This little tradition really marked the start to the Christmas season for me and I have carried this over to my family. I really want to explore my creative side in the coming years and do something with a little more umph. I thought I'd share some recent finds and I think you'll see it's not your Grandma's little cardboard advent calender anymore.

This little village Christmas scene advent calendar is the type that I grew up with and that I still buy for my children every year, they like the little chocolates inside.

This is an exact replica of the Advent House Chevy Chase had in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation...great holiday classic of Family togetherness!!!
From Christmas Advent House. They cost $595 US each, plus $89 US shipping. The house also has to be ordered a year in advance.
A bit pricy, but I still love it.

Love all the little buttons, talk about creative, the buttons countdown the days and you can leave little surprises in the pockets.

This is such a great way to use mixed media. Look closely – it’s a cookie sheet! There’s scrapbook paper, chipboard letters, ribbon, magnets. This looks like a really fun project or gift idea! From Making Memories.

By far my favorite is this license plate garland from Create and Breath that she displays on her front porch and with this chalkboard so that she can write a message to whomever comes to visit or they can leave a note that they dropped by. The plates are available at Back At Ya Babe's Etsy Store. I am so going to be collecting license plates this summer to create my own version...love it!!


Anyway friends, my apologies for not getting around to visit anyone or post for a whole week (where does the time go). I've been really sick and we are moving locations at work (packing, purging, taking meds urghhh) and with all of the holiday festivities...well...we all have the same story...gotta get a laptop.....you listening Santa!!


Have a fabulous Pink Saturday friends and if I don't see you again until the New Year, enjoy the best the holiday season has to offer....Greetings to you and yours!!


Big Hugs xOxO


  1. I was so thinking about you yesterday! I am so sorry you've been sick and it would appear you can't stay home from work and snuggle up in bed. I hope you're feeling better real soon!

    What wonderful ideas for advent calendars. We never did one when I was growing up but I had many friends that did. Boy those sure are different than what I was used to!

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and I hope you get some rest this weekend!



  2. Happy Pink Saturday Nerina...
    I am so glad you were able to post today. I am in love with the license plate garland. I agree, I have to have on next year. I already have a vision in mind for the outdoor decor, and it has traveling in mind. Thank you for the wonderful find.

    I also love the country button one, but the ones with chocolates have always been my kids favs. It is funny how sometimes when we opened a window, someone had already been there, and the chocolate was already gone. "Nobody did it." Not me, nope. Have you heard that before?

    Happy Pink Post sweetie. Please pop over and let me share with you. I am so glad you are up and feeling a little better.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  3. So sorry to hear you have been sick Nerina... hope you are all better now! Darling advent calendars... Merry Christmas to you!... Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Nerina! I hope you are feeling better. Being sick is never fun and even less so, I think, during the holidays. I just want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year!


  5. Nerina, I'm crazy about that last one. It is as cute as can be and creative, too!

    Thanks for sharing these. I enjoyed seeing all of them.

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. What a great ELF you would have been. Many blessings on you young sister.

  7. I love all the advent calendars. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas for my niece (sh'e now 29) if her mother didn't get her one of those cardboard advent calendars. I do love that license plate garland. I'm so going to do that next year as well! I'll be looking for old license plates at the garage sales this summer!!!


  8. Hi Nerina, I love coming in a visiting your blog. I also love advent calendars and had them for my children as they grew up. They are so cute and everyday is a special surprise. Of course we always had to have two calendars, one for each child when candy was a daily gift.....too funny when I think back on those days. I love the Chevy Chase movie and I suppose you could say that is a tradition here for us. We watch every year, it wouldn't be Christmas with out Cousin Eddy. I love reading about your family and all the wonderful things we do. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and certainly want to wish you a Happy New Year. Happy Pink Saturday and see you in 2010. I hope you are feeling better by now, Char

  9. These are some excellent displays of calendars! We didn't do these when I was little, but my niece and nephew do. My niece asked for days where hers was so she could get started on in, she was so excited. The license plate chalkboard is VERY cool. I don't blame you for wanting one yourself! Happy Holidays Nerina and Merry Christmas!

  10. so many cute count downs!
    happy holidays~

  11. Thank you for your sweet comments..we do miss our Rosie..but your love has touched my heart. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and may your week be filled with Joy.

  12. Wonderful ideas! I adore the last one, Have a sweet day!

  13. OMG!!! I ADORE and I mean ADORE this license plate wreath!!!!

    Have a beautiful new year my Northern friend! xo...deb


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